McDonald's Israel network will re-open Monday its shipment service in a timely manner


by Ifi Reporter Category:Financial Mar 29, 2020

The McDonald's Israel network has announced that it will re-open its shipment service in a timely manner. The service has been tailored to sell only individual products that are considered best-selling on the network. The dishes to be sold are: Mac Royal, Mac Fries, Mega Big America, Mac Nuggets, Crispy Chicken, children's meals, corn sticks and cold drinks. The limited menu does not include items sold as cheaply as a single burger sold for less than NIS 10. The divisional areas are also limited: the Sharon, Gush Dan and the center, not including the north and the south.
"In the new estimates, it was decided that only six people would work in any restaurant operating the shipment, according to all new rules of the Ministry of Health.
"In addition, the chain will continue to donate 5,000 free meals every day at the five branches that remain open for that purpose," the chain said.
About a week ago, on March 23, the network announced it would run five branches, for donations only. Now she seems to have changed her mind and returned to offering deliveries.

Director of the Tax Authority, Eran Yaakov, announced that in order to help businesses in Israel in light of the financial hardship they suffered due to the financial implications of dealing with the Corona virus, the tax authority was held last week and yesterday to carry out a centralized tax and midwifery move, through mid-week. Next, tax refunds totaling approximately NIS 1 billion will be released.
A parallel process is currently underway in a VAT system, where over the next seven days, approximately 27,000 dealers will be required to file input tax refunds in the amount of about NIS 230 million.
Recall that tax returns are monies that come to the taxpayers after the state has collected more taxes from them, and not tax benefits or compensation. The tax authority is now simply foreclosing these refunds to the eligible.
The tax authority's statement indicates that as part of the concentrated effort, income tax credits totaling NIS 750 million were released to approximately 16,000 individuals and companies that had refunds under review. Some of the funds have gradually entered the bank accounts as of last Wednesday, with the move coming to an end today with the reimbursement of additional significant amounts into the bank accounts.
After moving to a delivery-only format, McDonald's Israel stops operations completely on Monday, temporarily. After only being required to curtail shipping operations due to state measures to deal with the spread of the corona virus, the company today announced to its customers that it will cease its operations fully and no longer deliver.
McDonald's operations were closed down in light of the restrictions imposed by the state in light of the spread of the Corona virus in the country. Initially, the company announced that it would continue to provide meals via Take Away at branches located outside malls that needed to be closed alongside nationwide deliveries, subsequently reducing it to deliveries independently and by the Walt Food Delivery app.
McDonald's Israel is owned and managed by Omri Peden. Sales of the fast food chain in Israel in 2019 are estimated at NIS 920 million (before VAT).
Alongside the temporary farewell announcement from customers, the world's largest fast-food chain, which operates in 191 branches in Israel, has updated that it will continue to operate only five outlets in an emergency format, which "will provide free food to hospitals, MDA staff and security forces."
 Interior Minister Aryeh Deri received the recommendation of the National Security Council (NSC) to start daylight saving time on the night of Thursday and Friday of the week - and reiterated its intention to postpone daylight saving time to May 1. Deri's initiative, which came down from the table, was intended to reduce light hours , Thus reducing the number of residents roaming the public space, following the spread of the Corona virus.
What made the National Security Council object? Last night, the Government Communications Authority and "Digital Israel" announced that postponing the switching of clocks would harm server operating systems, computers, communications equipment and even cell phones, where the transition date is structured, and to change it requires complex preparations during this period and involves many working days.
We also noted that when some computers work in different time zones, malfunctions can occur and disable entire computing arrays. The National Security Council also warned that in the event of rejection, there is a danger of impairing the operational competence of the IDF and of medical technologies in hospitals.




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