Black Friday promotions in Israel found positive reactions from consumers


by Ifi Reporter Category:Financial Nov 24, 2018

Black Friday sales worldwide will increase by 95 percent compared to last year. But the Israelis were definitely in the sales game and big.
The Israeli retail chains, which feared the competition from abroad, launched significant Black Friday promotions and Israeli consumers reacted, creating a considerable burden on the credit system, causing a significant slowdown in the system for some time. On the infrastructure of the Central Payment System of the ISA, automatic banking services. This is a company that manages the infrastructure of the only payment system in the area of ​​debit cards and cash withdrawal machines. The SAI is in fact a monopoly controlled by the large banks.
Since the morning many businesses have reported problems with clearing credit cards. The source of the problem is large loads on the infrastructure of the central payment system. The company reported at noon that technical teams were able to overcome the malfunction that caused delays, noting that at the peak time, about 10,000 credit card transactions were measured per minute.
The Sky News network reported that consumers around the world were "queuing up" on online shopping sites, and one buyer posted a screenshot showing his number in the queue was 107,578, and that the wait would be "longer" From an hour. "Many buyers tried to get the first deals - and as demand increased, the sites set up standby systems before entering the site.
Black Friday's shopping was held in the shadow of protests by Amazon employees about unfair working conditions. announced that 90 percent of its employees in the company's warehouse near Madrid joined the strike, but the distribution of the packages took place in 22 other branches in Spain.
According to Adobe, which tracks online sales, sales rose 28% over the Internet in the first hours of sales. Therefore, the company estimates that online sales in Black Friday will reach $ 6.4 billion, compared to $ 5.03 billion last year.
 Electronics are considered to be particularly popular. Adobe reported that the Nintendo Game console is the most sought after in online sales, and MasterCard added that smart home products attracted many buyers.
At the same time, many retailers are building on increased sales of toys as a way to attract more customers, as this is the first year that Toys R Us has gone bankrupt. Apart from the leading chains - Walmart, Target and Amazon - Best Buy expanded its toy supply this year.
GlobalData Retail estimates that total spending in the US this weekend, including Sunday, will stand at $ 59.6 billion, representing a 5.7% increase over last year, which will be the highest growth rate in the country since 2011. "More people have already made purchases At this stage this year than last year, and the average spending is higher, "said Neil Saunders, director of the research firm, who says consumers spend an average of 5.3 percent more than last year.
The high sales stemmed, among other things, from the good state of the US economy, which enjoys a low unemployment rate and an increase in average income.



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