The Sano company informed retailers it will raise prices again of its paper products mainly


by Ifi Reporter Category:Financial Oct 6, 2022

The Sano company continues to raise prices: the company informed retailers that it will increase the price of its paper products, which it will already increase by 12%-14% at the end of 2021. Among other things, these are Snow Soft, Snow Sushi, paper towels, disposable tablecloths, napkins for entertaining and disinfectant wipes.
The last time it raised prices - it did not back down but promised promotions that would seemingly eliminate the price increases. Some products are sold at their previous prices. Either way, all Sno products from bleach to toilet paper - there are substitutes on the shelves.
Kimberly Clark also raised the prices of paper products such as Lilly and Teva toilet paper and Haggis diapers on the grounds that paper prices are on the rise.
Paper prices reached an unprecedented peak from 2020 to October 2021, with the main reason for this being the increase in the price of the raw material. But since then, paper prices have been on a downward trend with prices currently about 37% below their peak. Also contributing to the increase in price: the increase in oil prices and shipping prices which rose steeply - but these prices are also now decreasing.
The company reported in its reports for the second quarter of 2022 an operating profit of NIS 28 million, a decrease of 56%.
Among other things, its paper products category contributed to this, which suffered a loss of NIS 12 million, compared to a profit of NIS 3 million in the corresponding quarter last year. Snow explained in reports that the price of cellulose, which makes up 80% of the final product, has increased by dozens of percent since 2021.
According to her, she was hurt, among other things, by the refusal of chains to her request to raise prices - after the ministers of finance and economy sent threatening letters to importers and manufacturers stating that they would take measures against them if they raised prices.
The Snow company stated: "During the last two years, and especially in the last few months, the costs in the paper sector have increased by tens of percent, as a result of the increase in the cost of raw materials, sea transport and energy.
"The Snow company did as much as possible to bear the rising costs in a way that would prevent a price increase for its customers, but in light of the business results in the second quarter of the year and the transition to a heavy loss of millions of shekels in the paper sector, the company is forced to raise the prices of paper products starting November 1, 2022.
"The price increase is minimal and does not reflect the significant increase in costs recorded in the last two years, and all this in order to continue the activity in the paper sector without losing in it."



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