Fight against cost of living: dozens demonstrated against the price increases and demanded a stop


by Ifi Reporter Category:Financial Jul 29, 2022

Continuing the fight against the cost of living: many dozens demonstrated at noon in front of the house of diplomat CEO Noam Weiman in jubilation, with the aim of protesting the cost of living and demanding to prevent further price increases. This is a demonstration that is the first swallow of going out into the field and a wake-up call to the food and marketing companies that the public has woken up and is not ready to pay more for the price of pigs. The representatives of the Histadrut, activists and ordinary citizens participate in the demonstration.
The activists called for the personal intervention of the senior officials, and waved signs that read, among other things, "Stop being suckers - buy smart and fight the animal abuser", "I am not a sucker, and I am not a sucker" as well as "Diplomat, Shastovitz, Kimberly-Clark - the celebration is over."

The demonstration comes as part of the Histadrut's uncompromising move to reduce the cost of living and curb the wave of price increases in the economy. As part of the actions, this week the Histadrut announced a consumer boycott of the giant companies mentioned above, revealed the brands that raised prices and sent requests to the heads of the companies in the economy to freeze price increases. A special committee established under the chairmanship of the Histadrut chairman held a preparatory meeting for future steps.
At the same time, the Histadrut campaign continues all over the country, which includes the deployment of billboards, the distribution of promotional materials and press ads. Over a million drivers were exposed to the campaign through the Wise app.
Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David: "The Israelis have ended up being suckers and they are not ready to stand back. We will go anywhere, and we will act against anyone who takes part in the price madness in the State of Israel. We are here to say - enough of the work. It is in the hands of the companies and their executives to stop the wave of price increases and restore sanity to the country and the economy."
chairman of the Histadrut Arnon Bar-David provided an extraordinary statement on Tuesday, which some would say goes beyond his role as the chairman of Israel's largest workers' organization. At the Histadrut leadership meeting, Bar-David called for a consumer boycott due to the rising prices, and even pointed out the names of the companies he recommends to stop buying from - Diplomat, Shastowitz, and Kimberly Clark - which employ workers unionized by the Histadrut, and a possible boycott could harm them too of course.The

"Even before they want to raise the price, they make tens of percent more profit here than in other countries," said Bar-David regarding the aforementioned importers. "Why? Maybe we are suckers. Maybe we don't know how to consume properly and we don't all use our power as a Histadrut with 800,000 members, a million people around us, to produce the strongest consumer power in the State of Israel.
"I warned that if the retaliatory measures continue, I will not hesitate to act," continued Bar-David. Shastowitz, Diplomat, Kimberly Clark - the celebration is over. We will go over the head of any such company. I call on the citizens of the State of Israel to stop buying the products of your companies. There are substitutes and I would like to start being wise consumers and buy the substitutes that are available in every supermarket in the State of Israel." The Histadrut stated that they are not afraid that workers will be fired due to the boycott of the companies.
Bar-David even pointed out the names of the products and called not to include them in holiday gifts bought by the committees: "Pringles, Ariel, Oral-B, Always, Haggis, Lilly, Kotex, all these companies, I am asking the 800,000 members of the Histadrut and all citizens of the State of Israel - Stop the animal abuser in the State of Israel, stop it here and now, it's in our hands. I call on the workers' committees - all of them - we are facing holidays, buying packages and matters - please make sure with those who sell the packages that these products are not inside the packages, nothing. Try to make everything blue and white products, let's strengthen the Israeli industry at the expense of these products."
Among the products of the companies in question that Shev-David calls for boycotts, you can find Haggis and diapers, Nicole products and Lilly toilet paper by Kimberly Clark, Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner and Pantene by Procter & Gamble imported and distributed by Diplomat, Ariel washing powder, Oreo and Milka chocolate by Diplomat , Master Chef products, Tuna Rio Mara, Chocata, Lotus, Colgate and Shastowitz's Barilla Pasta.
Bar-David, who unites under him the most powerful committees in the country, some of whom claim that they also contribute quite a bit to the increase in the cost of living due to the conditions and wages they receive, claimed that the giant companies are taking advantage of the situation: "There is a cynical attempt here to take advantage of the political chaos and giant companies are trying to continue The Israeli company and raising prices. A few months ago the shipping cost was $20,000 per container, today I think it has dropped by at least half. The dollar was low? It went up. The economic situation of industrialists and business owners is not bad and we also see this in the state's collection surplus."
He added a threat towards the interim government: "I'm getting closer to making a decision to go out on the streets and shut down the country due to the cost of living. I want answers for the workers, solutions for the workers, I want extras for the workers as compensation for the cost of living, anyway the minimum wage will be stuck for us. If I don't get Solutions on these issues, we have more leadership meetings in a week or two, won't there be answers? I have the implementation date ready, I am turning to the state - don't test me and us, the working public in the State of Israel."
Bar-David even claimed that the Histadrut will allocate funds for the purpose of the struggle, and revealed that it is in a budget surplus: "I gave instructions to the treasurer to allocate 40 million shekels as a special box to fight the cost of living. I am updating you - 15 million shekels from the surplus we have, ongoing budget surpluses, and 25 million shekels from reserves from previous years. I instructed the CEO of the Histadrut and the chairman of the 'Together for You' club to urgently prepare discounted packages of the war on the cost of living that will help the workers in the issue of going back to school. Maybe we will make some social writers in the Histadrut houses. We have enough assets that we will qualify, there is a franchisee that we will contract with. We will only produce products for the members of the Histadrut at their reasonable prices, you can sell anything like that for 30% less, someone decides on us along the way and that's what we can do."
Following the words of the chairman of the Histadrut at the leadership meeting, the Histadrut also formulated a plan of proposals for measures to reduce the cost of living in cooperation with the Arlozorov Forum.



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