Egg prices in Europe soared 37% following the war but not in Israel - A supervised product


by Ifi Reporter Category:Financial Mar 3, 2022

Egg prices in Europe soared following the war. At the same time, the price to the consumer will not change because it is a supervised product. Those who will have to absorb the rise in prices are the marketers. According to Mickey Lesser, CEO of Lesser, the largest egg marketer in the country, the price in Europe a month ago was 35 pennies for a medium-sized egg, and now we are required to pay 48 pennies - an increase of 37%.
Another reason for the rise in prices is the bird flu that wiped out entire chicken coops in the United States, which as a result joined the circle of demand. Love".
Lesser added: "The egg reform was based on cheap imports and the chains rolling down the discount to the consumer. This will not happen. There was a discussion a month ago about the cost of living, and ministers presented a plan to reduce egg and flour prices by tens of percent. Today it is only a dream. "The price of the eggs is because the price of the monitored products, including the eggs, affects the index. There is inflation and they do not want to call the child by his name, so they do not update the eggs."
Regarding the fear of a shortage of eggs ahead of Passover, Lesser said: "We do not yet know what will happen, but hope not. "I will provide for them because I have a commitment to them and we will turn the world upside down, even if it is not economical for me at the moment. But smaller marketers are not sure they will agree to import under current conditions. Can not commit to renewing agreements .
It should be noted that the state should have increased the price of eggs already a year ago. The outgoing Minister of Agriculture has signed this directive, but the current Minister, Oded Forer, is ignoring it. At the same time a petition was filed in the High Court of Eggs against the state in the matter and one has to wait to see when and what the court will decide - especially in light of the fact that the price of chicken food, consisting of imported kernels, is rising sharply due to the war in Ukraine. The Poultry Board's forecast, published yesterday in June, is expected to have a surplus of 70 million eggs (total consumption in Israel is 2 billion eggs a year).



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