Marketing chains will line up with Tnuva and pass on the price increase to the consumer


by Ifi Reporter Category:Financial Dec 3, 2022

Tnuva will increase the price of products by up to 4.9% - and most of the marketing chains will line up and pass on the price increase to the consumer. Some of the products became more expensive for consumers by nearly 13% beyond Tnuva's rate of increase. The company stated in response that the company sells and delivers according to the new price list starting November 22."
Among the chains that raised the prices of many of the products: Victory, Beitan wines and SUPER (Carrefour), Keshet Tamim, AM:PM, Elonit, yellow, Shuk Mehdrin, the Shuk warehouses, Cheap and Big and more. "Osher ad" raised the prices of some products.
Rami Levy has not raised prices in the meantime. Yohannoff too, half free and good taste. So how is it possible that they are still receiving goods from Tonuva? The industry claims that some of the chains that sell at the pre-increase price are currently receiving "sale" prices from Nanova, in order to maintain a price for the consumer and a full inventory. It is claimed, apparently, that this is Tnuva's way of folding Shufersal in this way, which also did not raise prices.
While the chains receive a regular supply of Tnuva products, it seems Shufersal does not receive a supply. Allegedly, as revenge for leading the fight against Tnuva price increases. As a result, there has already been an acute shortage in the branches of the company's products, among others: packaged Emek cheese, Napoleon, alternative products (with the exception of soy milk that has not become more expensive and therefore from regular suppliers), delicacies, fruit and protein yogurts, and Piraeus cheeses. There is a shortage of Shufersal butter in the market as a whole.
Shufersal is already suffering from a shortage of non-supervised Terra dairy products, after the chain did not approve Terra's increase in the price of its free market products. Also, there is a shortage of Shufersal's private label products due to the situation of the Golan Heights dairy that produces the products for the chain and ran into difficulties. Outside of the milk refrigerator, there is a shortage in Shufersal (and other chains) of Unilever products, such as Cornflakes of Champions.
In order to preserve the shrinking milk shelf in the chain, Uri Weterman, CEO of Shufersal Group, said this morning (Thursday) that Shufersal confirmed to the trustees of the Golan Heights dairies that it will inject money into the operation of the dairy, so that it can return to production immediately in the next three months and in order for the trustees to start looking for investors for the full operation of The dairy. "Golan Heights Dairies has been a partner of the private brand Shufersal for about seven years, and the connection allows us to offer our customers a consumer alternative to the leading brands in Israel. We see this assistance as a moral responsibility towards the dairy and towards our customers."
How much did the prices go up? Here are examples. A comparison between October 1st and December 1st that we conducted using the CHP price comparison site, shows that a 200 gram slice of classic valley cheese (which can be bought at a controlled price in a deli) has become more expensive in Victory's urban branches by NIS 1.30 from NIS 16.30 to NIS 17.60. 8% increase in price. above Tnuva's high cost rate.
Emek Prosa rose in price by a shekel in AM:PM from NIS 16.90 in October to NIS 17.90 now, a 6% increase. Cheap and by and large, the prices of Emek Prosa increased by a shekel from NIS 17.90 to NIS 18.90 - a 5.5% increase in price. The yellow chain increased the price of the cheese by 5%. From NIS 17.90 to NIS 18.80 and Super Alonit raised the price by about 6% from NIS 15.90 to NIS 16.90.
The market warehouses raised the price of Emek Proosa by 4.7% from NIS 16.70 to NIS 17.50, but the sale price remained the same: NIS 11.90 when buying over NIS 100. At Super Barkat, the popular cheese will increase in price by two shekels from 15.90 shekels to 17.90 shekels - 12.6% apparently above Tnuva's high price. Where have they not raised prices? For half free, the price remains NIS 15.90 for the time being, as does Biohannoff, Tiv Taam, Usher Ad and Rami Levy. In the Mehdrin market warehouses the price remains NIS 16.10. Beitan ("super") wines will not make this product more expensive, but other products will be more expensive.
The 200 gram Emek Classic 28% Dak Dak package also became more expensive by 5.4% in Beitan wines and 9.5% in Victory, compared to November to December.
The price of Bulgarian cheese increased by 16% Piraeus 250 grams in October compared to December. It became more expensive by 11% in Osher up to two shekels from 17.90 to 19.90 shekels - above Tnuva's average price increase. At Victory Online, it became more expensive by NIS 22.90 to NIS 23.90, an increase of about 4.3%, as is the case in some Victory branches. Beitan Piraeus wines became more expensive by NIS 20.90 to NIS 21.90 - an increase of 4.7%, while at the SUPER chain the price increased from NIS 25.90 to 26.90 - a high price for cheese. In AM:PM the price of the item increased by 4% from NIS 23.90 to NIS 24.90. The market warehouses raised the price in some branches by NIS 3 from 23.90 to 26.90, an increase of 12.5%, i.e. higher than Tnuva's price increase. The Mahdrin Market will increase the price of Piraeus by 22.90 to 23.90 shekels, a 4.3% increase and Keshet Tamim raised the price by two shekels from 21.90 to 23.90 shekels, a 9% increase - higher than Tnuva's increase.



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