Partner will compensate by NIS 3 million in benefits for a huge glitch in its television broadcasts


by Ifi Reporter Category:Communication Jan 9, 2023

Partner will compensate with benefits amounting to an additional three million shekels for a huge glitch in its television broadcasts two years ago: Last week, a request was submitted to the District Court in Tel Aviv to approve a settlement agreement and grant validity of a judgment to the settlement agreement, as part of requests to approve class actions filed in 2021 against the company Partner Communications.
In the center of the applications submitted through three different law firms, it is claimed that for several days in January 2021, Partner TV's television services were down for extensive periods of time, due to a malfunction in its systems. Among other things, the applicants claimed breach of contract. On the recommendation of the court, the parties conducted a mediation process before retired judge Yitzhak Inbar, which ended in a compromise settlement, without either party agreeing to the other party's claims or admitting any liability.
According to the principles of the compromise settlement, Partner will grant, within 90 days from the day the judgment approving the settlement settlement becomes final, compensation worth approximately three million shekels. This compensation joins the benefits that Partner has already granted to its customers as of January 13, 2021 in a total amount of approximately NIS 2.5 million. Therefore, the total value of the compensation is NIS 5.5 million. The compensation will be given by opening a "Sport 5 Premium" package worth NIS 49 per month.
Customers relevant to the malfunction, who did not redeem a benefit within the first benefits provided by Partner for the malfunction, and are already subscribed to the sports channel package, will receive an alternative benefit - the opening of the "Viva Vintage" channel and the opening of the "Viva Premium" channel. The value of the Viva Channels benefit is NIS 29.8 per month. The sports channels will be open for a period not less than 16 days and the Viva channels will be open for a period not less than 27 days.
The group to which the settlement will apply is the group of Partner's subscribers who were affected by the malfunction and/or by Partner's handling of it. Once the agreement is approved, the benefit will automatically open to all eligible customers and there will be publications in the press and an email notification to eligible customers.
The malfunction that occurred about two years ago swelled to large proportions, partly because no solution was given to the malfunction in the television services for several days and also because Partner denied the beginning of this large-scale malfunction. At the same time, the company's customer service collapsed. Customers uploaded to the company's Facebook page dozens of screenshots testifying to the gifts of over an hour on the line in the technical service. The company initially denied that the technical service had collapsed and claimed that the loads were caused by the closure, and only later did the company admit to the collapse of the technical service.
Therefore, among other things, it has now been agreed in the agreement that Partner will refine its procedures, so that in the event that the authorized parties at Partner identify a sweeping, general and horizontal malfunction in Partner TV services, for which the transmissions have been shut down for a significant period of time, then a report will be given to the customers in the manner and means deemed appropriate by Partner, and all with the aim of acting efficiently, quickly and with maximum transparency in front of its customers.
Judge Rachel Lavi Barkai determined that any person who is among the members of the group may submit to the court file within 45 days a reasoned objection in writing to the compromise settlement or a notice of his wish not to be included in the group. It should be noted that the settlement has not yet been approved by the court. The applicants are represented by attorneys Yitzhak Aviram, Yair Shafran and Uri Amitai. Partner is represented by the office of attorneys Amr Reiter Jean Shuchtovitz & Co.



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