Israel Railways suffered a signaling malfunction: traffic from Tel-Aviv to the south resumed Friday


by Ifi Reporter Category:Communication Jun 4, 2021

Train traffic from Lod and Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv Haganah was stopped yesterday afternoon and only resumed on Friday morning. Due to a fire near the tracks in the Ganot area. The fire was extinguished, but due to damage to the train signaling components in the area Tel Aviv was completely disrupted and caused millions of shekels in damage to passengers who had difficulty managing the situation that arose.
According to Israel Railways, technicians are working to repair the system from the fire damage. Until the repair, trains from the north will begin and end their journey at the Tel Aviv Haganah station, and trains from the south will begin and end their journey at Ben Gurion Airport or Lod stations depending on the line and station where it stops.

The Israel Railways says that the damage caused to the signaling components as a result of the fire near the track in condemnation is significant and extensive, and that it is working with reinforced teams to repair the damage. The train was ready for work until the morning hours.
The malfunction occurred yesterday at noon. Passengers at the stations near the scene of the accident had to convert their way to buses even though some of the stations do not have such a service, such as the Modiin outskirts station.
Last night, the train did not return from Be'er Sheva to Tel Aviv and ended its journey in the city of Lod. For some reason, Israel Railways did not find it necessary to serve the passengers of the train in a free alternative bus service, as has been done in the past and has recently become very rare. In addition, the Israel Railways did not increase the line from Be'er Sheva to Tel Aviv via Rishon Lezion Moshe Dayan and the service stopped at eight o'clock in the evening. The considerations of the railway management's considerations again did not stand the test of providing the proper service of an exclusive vital system such as Israel Railways.
The Rishon LeZion Rishonim stations, Lod Ganei Aviv, Kfar Chabad, Modi'in Merkaz and the outskirts of Modi'in were closed.
The train said it operated shuttles from closed stations to Tel Aviv such as Lod. However, the announcement by Israel Railways was accompanied by lies because no such shuttles were operated. For example, the trains from Be'er Sheva in the direction of Tel Aviv have ended their activity in Lod and passengers are not given a free shuttle service to Tel Aviv. Israel Railways also did not think that they should reinforce the second line between Be'er Sheva and Tel Aviv, and it ended its activity at eight o'clock in the evening as usual. As always, the passengers received poor service from the Israel Railways, which in Israel has a monopoly on their place.



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