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Bank of Israel: We are below the global average in terms of helping the economy in crisis
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There is no real danger to financial stability in Israel, but the intensity of the risk to financial stability in the first half of the year was assessed as medium-high. This emerges from the Financial Stability Report of the Bank of Israel's Financial Division, published on Tuesday. This is a rare assessment of its kind in Israel. The report reveals that Israel is below average among the countries that have provided support to the economy, both in grants to citizens and assistance to the self-employed and companies, and in providing guarantees for loans and opening special funds for...

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Aug 11, 2020

Bank of Israel estimates that the contraction of the economy this year will be 4.5%
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After the Bank of Israel left interest rates unchanged - at 0.1%, Governor Amir Yaron recently presented the Bank's expected plans to deal with the economic crisis. During the press conference, the Governor referred, among other things, to an update of the growth forecast for 2020. Governor Prof. Amir Yaron lowers the growth forecast for 2020 to a minus 6% - compared with the previous forecast published at the end of May for a 4.5% contraction. According to the bank's forecasts, by 2021 GDP is expected to grow 7.5% - slightly higher than in the May forecast. The inflation rate in 2020 is...

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Aug 18, 2020

consumer confidence index rose: Don't seem to consider the possibility of closure
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In the first half of August, the sixth month of the corona crisis, the consumer confidence index rose, referring to the expected change in the economic situation in the country in the coming year. Consumers do not seem to be considering the possibility of another closure this time and a predicted outbreak of the flu pandemic ahead of winter. Data released by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) shows that in the first half of August, the balance sheet relating to the expected change in the economic situation in the coming year rose to 29, compared with 45 in the second half of July and 40...

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Aug 19, 2020

One-fifth of businesses: Under the current conditions we will not survive more than 3 months
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The Central Bureau of Statistics released the survey on the state of business following the spread of the epidemic, as of mid-August. The business situation is still vulnerable, but less so: 19.0% of businesses report that they will not be able to continue operating for more than three months under the current conditions in the economy; 78.5% of businesses report a hit of up to 25% in August revenue, but this is a significant improvement over the previous survey conducted in early July, when 44.1% of businesses reported a hit of up to 25% in revenue. There has been an increase in the number...

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Aug 28, 2020

Shaul Meridor Head of the budget department  - resignes: Minister Katz doesn't allow me to perform
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The head of the budget department in the Ministry of Finance, Shaul Meridor, announced his resignation on Sunday evening. "In recent months, and even more so in recent weeks, the ability to perform my duties as head of the budget department has become impossible," Meridor wrote to Minister Israel Katz in his resignation letter. "Unfortunately, you do not allow me and many other public servants in the various divisions of the Ministry of Finance and other government ministries to do what we know how to do - formulate, propose, analyze and criticize policy measures that will allow the...

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Aug 30, 2020

Corona threat? Payoneer is expanding: is recruiting 300 employees in Israel and around the world
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The Israeli fintech company Payoneer is expanding, against the background of the leap in the world of global trade, and is recruiting 150 employees in Israel and a similar number in the company's dozens of branches around the world. More than half of the jobs are in the fields of development (software and testing engineers, data and IT people), while the rest are divided into all other positions, from project and product managers, through operations to marketing. "We want to recruit these employees as quickly as possible. This is a program that needs to be put into action at top speed - we...

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Sep 4, 2020

The government allocated  last night t unanimously eleven billion shekels to the 2020 budget
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The government unanimously approved the allocation of eleven billion shekels tonight, an addition to the budget as part of a compromise proposal adopted to prevent the dissolution of the Knesset and the early elections. NIS 3 billion will be allocated to increase the defense budget. Nine hundred million shekels to increase disability benefits and one hundred and eighty million to raise about thousands of Flashmob members. Budgets will also be allocated for the integration of members of the Ethiopian community in Israel, for dozens of educational programs in state and state religious...

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Sep 10, 2020

 employees temporarily absent from work in August amounted to 808,000
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The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) publishes data for August, according to which the unemployment rate in the labor force is about 5.4%, compared with 5.1% in July. The labor force rate of employed persons who were temporarily absent from work all week for reasons related to the Corona virus, plus the unemployed stands at 9.8% (10.3% in the previous month). The proportion of non-employed people who stopped working due to dismissal or job closure from March 2020, plus the employed who were temporarily absent from work all week due to Corona virus-related causes, along with the...

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Sep 23, 2020

chief economist at the Finance Ministry Shira Greenberg: Cost of the closure is NIS 12 billion
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The current cost of the closure is about NIS 11-12 billion," said Shira Greenberg, the chief economist at the Ministry of Finance. "This cost reflects the cost of the closure, from the day it was applied before Rosh Hashanah, when businesses were restricted to the public and the education system was closed, and includes the regulations in their current format as approved this morning until the end of Sukkot. Any extension of the closure after Sukkot The damage to the product. " Israel closed today (Friday) at 2:00 PM until Saturday, October 10. A series of restrictions will be imposed,...

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Sep 25, 2020

942,678 jobseekers are registered with the employment service - 600 thousand are on unpaid leave
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600,000 Israelis on unpaid leave. This is according to data from the Employment Service published on Monday. Since September 17, the day before New Year's Eve and the entry of restrictions, 213,828 jobseekers have been registered in the employment service - of which 192,223 are due to unpaid leave and 21,605 for other reasons. Of the job seekers enrolled since that date, for 154,680 this is the second or more enrollment since the start of the corona crisis in the bitter month (72% of enrollees in this wave). Currently, 942,678 jobseekers are registered with the employment service, of which...

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Oct 5, 2020

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