Average adult capital in Israel reached $ 196.6 thousand in 2019, 60% more than in 2000


by Ifi Reporter Category:Capital Market Oct 22, 2019

Israel is one of the countries with a particularly rapid increase in average capital per capita, but this is still a disappointment compared to forecasts, as average capital per capita in Israel grows less than GDP per capita, according to the report: Average annual GDP growth per capita in Israel reached 1.4 % Between 2000 and 2019, but the average annual growth in average capital for a mature person during those years was only 0.2%. Israelis' total capital has more than doubled in the last 19 years, at current exchange rates: from $ 465 in 2000 to 1.08 Today, the Credit Suisse wealth report points to an increase in inequality in Israel.
Average adult capital in Israel reached $ 196.6 thousand in 2019, compared with $ 122.5 thousand in 2000. This is also an increase of 2.7% compared to 2018. Israel ranks among the nine growing countries in the world with nominal average adult capital compared to 2018 - although the figure has decreased compared to 2017. The report also indicates an increase in average debt per adult person in Israel to $ 35.7. Median capital per person in Israel reached slightly more than $ 58,000 in 2019 - a decrease from $ 59.2 thousand in 2018 and $ 63.2 thousand in 2017 Thus, while average capital rose between 2018 and 2019, median capital fell, meaning that more money flowed to the higher deciles compared to the low deciles, and inequality expanded.
The total capital of households in Israel grew by 4.5% between 2018 and 2019 - at $ 46 billion. The report divides the population into four classes: graduates with a capital of less than $ 10,000; graduates with a capital of $ 100,000-10,000; graduates with a capital of $ 100,000 to one million and graduates with a capital of $ million or more. According to Credit Suisse, In the first group there are 18% of the graduates in Israel, in the second 46.2% of the graduates, in the third 33.5% and in the fourth 2.4%.
In Spain, where Israel has a similar level of GDP per capita (in terms of purchasing power parity), the average capital per person is $ 207.5 thousand and the median capital is $ 95.4 thousand. This means that the disparities in Spain were lower. In Spain, 16.9% of the graduates belong to the group. The low capital (less than $ 10,000 per person on average); 34.5% for the second group; 45.9% for the third group and 2.6% for the group of shareholders with more than $ 1 million. The total Israeli capital in 2019 was $ 1.08 trillion - 0.3% Of the world's capital, the report also shows that 131,000 millionaires live in Israel, and by 2024 their numbers are expected to grow by 32% to 173,000.
The report divides Israel's wealth into several wealth groups: 113,800 Israelis have $ 5-1 million capital; 9,980 have $ 10-5 million capital; 6,183 Israelis have $ 50-10 million capital; 542 Israelis Hold $ 100-50 million; 336 Israelis hold $ 500-100 million; and 50 Israelis rank highest, with at least $ 500 million.
According to Credit Suisse, US graduates' total capital rose by $ 3.8 trillion, compared to US $ 1.9 trillion in China, so the average capital of a US citizen is still much higher than that of a Chinese citizen. $ 106 trillion, compared to about $ 64 trillion in China.
To be included in the world top decile, personal savings of at least $ 109,430 are required. China has bypassed the US in the number of people who have this amount or more, but the US still leads the number of millionaires and its territory is home to 40% of the world's millionaires. The number of millionaires in the U.S. reached 18.6 million last year - up 675,000 from 2017. That means one in 14 U.S. adults is a millionaire.




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