israel budget in 2019: NIS 397.3 billion


by Ifi Reporter Category:Capital Market Feb 28, 2018

The government unanimously approved the Finance Minister's proposal for the State Budget and the 2019 Economic Plan
* The state budget in 2019 will amount to NIS 397.3 billion, the education budget will amount to NIS 60 billion, the health budget will be NIS 38 billion, the welfare budget and Holocaust survivors will amount to NIS 13 billion, disability allowances Will amount to approximately NIS 2 billion, and the Ministry of Defense budget will amount to approximately NIS 63 billion. In 2019, the deficit will be 2.9% of GDP, and in 2020 it will be 2.5% of GDP.

Among the reforms included in the budget: net family plan; National Nursing Program; Increasing competition in the television market; Moving from bank to bank at the touch of a button; Lowering the prices of private surgeries; Shortening the working week; The reform of shortening vacations; Reducing the use of cash; Increasing the supply of housing and encouraging integration into the labor market through the granting of work grants; Reducing the number of government ministries

Between 2014 and 2019, the increase in the education budget was 38% (NIS 16.6 billion), the health budget increased by 60% (NIS 14.1 billion), the National Insurance Institute saw a 37% increase (NIS 12.95 billion) in the budget for Holocaust survivors, 41% (NIS 1.4 billion) and the defense budget increased by 37% (NIS 15.4 billion).
Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon: "The budget for 2019 is a social budget focused on the growth of the Israeli economy and the strengthening of the economy, which enables us to bring the social news to the budget ... The Minister of Finance is not a treasurer, his job is to grow the economy and channel the fruits of growth to the right places and populations Which have been forgotten for too many years, and this budget continues the social revolution and establishes a new distribution order. "
* The budget for the year 2019, submitted to the approval of the Government of Israel today, is a responsible and balanced budget with significant economic growth engines, yet it is one of the most social budgets in the history of the State of Israel. , Which supports economic growth, alongside the reduction of social gaps and the improvement of the welfare of the citizen The budget includes many economic and social measures, including measures aimed at reducing regulation, increasing competition and increasing growth, while reducing the cost of living and reducing social gaps through a variety of reforms And long-term budget additions We will continue to move the Israeli economy forward and preserve Israel's strong and stable economy. "
* Budget director, Shaul Meridor: "The Budget Division is submitting today's budget proposal for 2019. After much work in the division, I think we are presenting a good budget today that includes important reforms that will advance the Israeli economy. While responding to significant challenges facing the country in the foreseeable future, while at the same time including responsible long-term planning. "
* The bills approved as part of the economic plan focus on several key principles:
*1. Cost of living*
• Net Program Vacations for Shortening Vacations in Schools - The program is designed to reduce the gap between the days of parental leave and student vacations. During the Chanukah and Passover holidays, the students will enjoy five days of educational activity. The new program is a complementary program to a comprehensive process led by the Ministries of Finance and Education in order to ease the burden of parental payments and to expand the educational basket provided by the Ministry even during informal hours.
• Subsidizing Tzahronim - as part of the Net Family Program - it was decided to subsidize Tzahronim throughout the country. The government approved the extension of the program by the end of the school year 2009. The frameworks provide educational enrichment and social and educational enrichment activities, help with homework and a hot and nutritious meal.
• Shortening the work week in the Israeli economy - the working week will be shortened to 42 hours, in order to improve the balance between work and leisure time of the employee in the family. 



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