IKEA: We delay the opening of our branches due to resistance by the health mministry


by Ifi Reporter Category:Capital Market Nov 10, 2020

The opening of IKEA branches on Wednesday is questionable: Hours after the Swedish furniture chain announced yesterday that it would open all branches today, the Ministry of Health announced that it would not allow it. 'The Ministry of Health did not give permission for the shops to open. The ministry's position is that a furniture store, including IKEA, is not a place whose main business is selling essential products for home maintenance, "the ministry said.
In the IKEA environment, it is said that the Ministry of Health does not have the authority to determine this, and the chain's decision to open only the floor of products that meet the definition of "essential product" allows for the opening.
The company announced on Tuesday that it has a legal opinion that allows it to partially open its stores and sell essential products for home maintenance. The legal opinion and the green light given by IKEA Global to the move will lead IKEA to partially open its branches.
As part of this, the showrooms, the restaurant and the children's kingdom will remain closed. The departments that will operate will offer kitchen appliances, light bulbs, food, kitchens, tools, faucets, ironing products, batteries and cutlery.
Mlisron Mall CEO: "It does not make sense for IKEA to be open and we are closed". 
The malls argue that if the state eventually allows IKEA to open its branches, it would be appropriate to allow the malls to open as well. Moshe Rosenblum, CEO of Mlisron Malls, said in a conversation with Calcalist: "I have no problem with opening IKEA, but I think all the stores should be opened. The stores in the open space are no different from stores in a closed mall. The IKEA Palmachim building is the same size as the Ramat Aviv mall. IKEA has announced that it will open the lower floor of the store only (Kitchenware and Housekeeping Floor - Israel). There is no difference between this floor in IKEA and Fox Home, Golf & Co., Vardinon, or Soltam. So why would Harel Wiesel not open the Fox Home and IKEA stores "Will you open them? Something illogical here."
"Our goal is to lower the level of morbidity," Rosenblum continues. "Everyone says high density is a high level of morbidity. I say let's take care of health first, but if the level of morbidity is high, close all trade. There is no difference between a closed mall and an open mall. A person stays in the mall public 5% of his time. To lower the level Sickness should open up all trade and prevent the long queues seen today in street shops. "
According to Rosenblum, the biggest absurdity created by the situation is that retail chain employees do not want to return to work at all. "The workers do not want to return to work because they say there will be another closure soon anyway, and they prefer to continue the strike until June 2021 as determined by the state. We are educating a generation here that does not want to go to work and we do not understand the damage we are doing. "

at 0300 The IKEA chain has announced that it will postpone the partial opening of its branches by 24 hours, following opposition expressed by the Ministry of Health. The chain will try to convince the firm that it will be able to operate only the essential departments and not all the stores in its complexes - similar to chains like Ace, Home Center and the stock chains



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