P.M Netanyahu tends to forget - he needs to serve the people

Posted on Jun 27, 2020 by Ifi Reporter

P.M Netanyahu tends to forget - he needs to serve the people

The prime minister was focused this week on one thing that managed to boil over the people of Israel and its voters. He promised in the Knesset that he would receive tax benefits, more correctly say tax refunds. I do not dispute Benjamin Netanyahu's right to exercise his rights vis-à-vis the tax authority. With that, every move also has the issue that makes your move a winning move. Netanyahu is an expert in this field. This is how elections win. But the man is probably in financial obsession, always has been. For some reason he forgot that there are about a million unemployed, many of whom will probably not return to the employment cycle any time soon. What else has the prime minister forgotten? He forgot that hundreds of thousands of unemployed and unemployed workers were sent on holiday and applied for unemployment benefits that next July will no longer be eligible for this aid.
Political moves are as annoying as they may be and corruption is no longer able to bring Israeli citizens en masse to the streets. There are protesters, there really are but these are a handful of crazy people to talk to. People with values ​​who can afford to demonstrate.
What will happen to hundreds of thousands of employed persons who cannot bring bread to their families? What will happen to those parents who will be forced to sleep hungry children. And we haven't even talked about the tens of thousands of apartment owners who have frozen their mortgage payments. These payments are also affecting the public around the corner. All of these Mr. Netanyahu will take to the streets and much faster than you believe and think. It's time to think about the public. Lead a neat system of vocational training, build an exit path for the unemployed under great light and respectful work. This is when we need serious, non-cynical leadership. Annexation is as important as it is, and it is undoubtedly an important issue that will probably not materialize and it is good that this is not close to the importance of the treatment of Israeli citizens.
This is when all the dozens of Likud MKs captured by Benjamin Netanyahu should go out and force him to do so for Israeli citizens. If Mr. Netanyahu Requests Another Term despite his indictment proving that it was not the worst decision by Israeli citizens

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