criticizing US President Trump: Many will have to eat their hats

Posted on Jun 23, 2018 by Ifi Reporter

criticizing US President Trump: Many will have to eat their hats

The media tends to criticize US President Donald Trump with unprecedented acumen for everything he does - regardless of the nature of the move. The situation has recently become absurd when the largely pro-Socialist media began to attack him for his decision to impose tariffs - a clear anti-capitalist policy. Which means that in the media, hatred of Trump even increases the hatred of capitalism.

At the last G-7 meeting, Trump threatened to impose tariffs as a punitive measure against countries that impose tariffs and other restrictions on imports from the United States, so far there is nothing new.

As has been said many times before, Trump punishes mainly his citizens by imposing such duties. Import tariffs raise prices, harm entire industries, reduce productivity, and so forth. There is almost consensus among economists about the damage of free trade restrictions, and the criticism that Trump has taken on this policy is justified.

But is there any logic behind madness? It turns out that during the last meeting with leaders of the G-7, Trump simply offered to abolish all tariffs and restrictions on free trade between the two countries, thus ending the trade war by winning all. In other words, no more complex, secret trade agreements, thousands of pages long, designed primarily to protect large companies and interest groups, but simple, fair and open trade agreements. If this is a serious proposal, and it is a big "mother", Trump's threats to a trade war can be understood as nothing more than tactics aimed at truly free trade. Which means that Trump is a much better statesman and capitalist than we understand.

However, whether this is a serious Trump program or a statement without real intent, the reactions of the other G-7 leaders are fascinating. They are fascinating because, at least according to reports, they were emotional, confused, and negative. The narrative that the media has been trying to cultivate since the Berkazit campaign is that the EU is a free trade paradise, a model of fairness and sanity, while those who try to confront the EU, whether against Berkazit or Trump's trade war, are dark reactionaries who want to strangle the economy The world.

The truth may not be the opposite, but it is quite different. EU countries have a customs union agreement. In other words, trade between EU countries is largely free, but the EU is surrounded by a customs wall, quotas and regulations that protect EU countries from external imports. In other words, Trump's argument against the EU's trade policy, let alone China, is justified. The naive, insulting expression that the EU politicians wear is hypocritical, and the media coverage is usually ridiculous.

There are no innocent people in these trade games, and all countries maintain certain restrictions on imports to protect powerful interest groups at the expense of citizens.

But at least today the US is adopting a slightly more liberal trade policy than a large part of the EU, and certainly more liberal than Germany, which is insolently playing the role of free trade princess in the conflicts with Trump.

However, if it turns out that Trump actually believes in free trade and uses the economic power of the United States to abolish tariffs around the world,Many will have to eat their hats, making it a habit when it comes to trump.

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