Blue and White split: Ganz "surrendered without a fight" and "crawled to Netanyahu's government


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Mar 26, 2020

The chairman of the Blue and White Party decided to betray his senior partners to the party, causing a split. Benny Gantz decided to join a national emergency government with the Likud. Netanyahu will be prime minister for a year and a half, and then Gantz will be appointed. Benny Gantz and his party resilience to Israel will have 15 Knesset members. Benny Gantz was appointed Speaker of the Knesset and later after the establishment of the government, July Edelstein is expected to return to office. In response, the Telem and Yesh Atid split from Blue and White.
Gantz was elected Knesset Speaker in place of former Speaker Yuli Edelstein with support from the right-wing camp. 74 Knesset members voted in favor, 18 against, and the rest did not vote.
Benny Gantz made a speech after the election and tried to explain the move: "These are not ordinary days. In this emergency, hundreds of thousands of civilians who lost their livelihoods in recent days have their eyes on us. I exhausted the possibility of forming a national emergency government and it was only for this reason that I decided today to elect the Knesset Speaker. I founded Blue and White, and I'm proud of it. I meant and I would still love to do everything so that we could go on together. I also call on all my possible political partners to act the same way. "
He stressed: "Bell was wrong, I will not compromise on the principles for which more than a million citizens voted. Netanyahu knows this well and we have proven it well in recent days. We will not compromise on democracy."
Chairman of Yesh Atid Yair Lapid strongly attacked his close partner until a few hours ago, saying that Knesset Speaker Benny Gantz "surrendered without a fight" and "crawled into the Netanyahu government."
In a statement in Tel Aviv, hours after Gantz was elected instead of Edelstein, with the right-wing support, Lapid said: "What is being established today is not a unity government or an emergency government. This is another Netanyahu government. Gantz joined the ultra-ultra-Orthodox bloc. In his eyes he said that in this evil government he would not sit down. I believed him, along with us, walked more than a million blue and white voters with good faith. Good Israelis, servants in the army, paying taxes and law abiding. Today they feel betrayed - and rightly so.
Lapid noted that "We established Blue and White to offer an alternative to Israelis. A good, decent, value center party. The election results proved that the State of Israel needed it as a breath of air. We wanted to bring change, to bring hope, to start a different way. White to creep into Netanyahu's government. It's a disappointing decision. "
Speaker Yeshiva added that "The State of Israel now has one national mission - to fight together in Corona. We are in the midst of one of the most serious crises in the history of the country. We will work tirelessly to help the citizens of Israel get through the crisis - also from the opposition. But the Corona crisis is neither a permit nor permission to give up values. We promised that we would not sit under a prime minister with three indictments, we promised that we would not sit in a coalition of extortionists and extremists and said that Israeli democracy could not be harmed. Precisely in the week when the attack on the law authorities peaked - giving the law violators an award. Award for delinquency. Whoever crawls into such a government will not sell us that he is doing it for the good of the country. "
Lapid promised: "We will continue, as we have all the last years. We will serve the people of Israel with determination and faith. We will maintain the vision of the Israeli Center, together with Boogie, with all our members, fight for democracy and the justice system. We will fight for the economy. For health. For everyone affected by the crisis. That's what we're here for. That's what's important now. "
Tal chairman Moshe (Boogie) Ya'alon spoke after the torch, saying that "Gantz's decision to step into the Netanyahu government, which symbolizes everything we oppose, is incomprehensible and disappointing."
According to Ya'alon, "Obviously, given the terrible epidemic, we must all mobilize to fight it. Whether in a coalition or in the opposition. We are committed to it and we will do it."
MK Meir Cohen, who was also chair of the party's headquarters, wrote to the chiefs of the party tonight: "Today, unfortunately, Bnei Gantz and Bibi Netanyahu succeeded in dismantling Blue and White. You have spent a full year, day and night, winter and summer. You ran from street to street, from house to house, infused with faith that it was time to change Israeli politics. No more schism, no more diverting and above all keeping politics clean - without traitors and without zigzagging. "
Cohen added: "We did not oppose unity, certainly not at such an hour, but we thought first and foremost there was to insist on democracy, mutual guarantee and clemency. All of these were rudely footed by those who pushed them along the way.
MK Ofer Shelach added: "Not a unity government will be established soon, but the Netanyahu government with a surplus of Benny Gantz, who just collapsed in the moment of truth. Corona's failed treatment will not improve, the milling of democracy will continue, but my son will no longer be agonized by hard decisions. It's easier to be Netanyahu's apprentice "



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