President Rivlin imposed the mandate to assemble the government on P.M Netanyahu


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Sep 25, 2019

President Reuben Rivlin imposed the mandate to assemble the government on Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu, following another triple meeting with Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz at the president's office. "After consulting with representatives of all the factions, I announce that the outgoing prime minister, MK Benjamin Netanyahu, will receive the mandate for government assembly this evening," Rivlin said in a statement issued to Netanyahu.
"The summaries conclude that there are no 61 votes sufficient to form a government, neither Netanyahu nor Gantz." Rivlin added that "Netanyahu's ability to form a higher government at the moment".
Netanyahu said he "accepts the task you have been assigned to me. I do not know that I am more likely to form a government, but rather to know that my inability is a little less than the ability of MK Gantz, because we are both incapable of forming a government together. The order of the hour is a unity government. Broad national unity government, and I would say quick. "
Netanyahu added that a unity government is needed to achieve national reconciliation. "It's vital at all times, but at this time especially," Netanyahu said. "We have been through a tough election campaign, on all sides and on all sides. We need to unite the people, to unearth the rifts because we are facing three huge challenges.
"The first challenge is a security challenge, and you all see Iran's boldness and bravery. The fact that it is openly attacking Saudi Arabia and not just there. Is attacking the international community with a growing brow with precise weapons we are alerting and are also facing us, ”said Netanyahu.
"I do not create a virtual reality here," he added. "It is a huge security challenge that is approaching us with great speed and is already here. To deal with it we have to combine forces because the people have to be united and they have to be ready, they have to prepare the people on a broad front.
We need a broad government because in the face of Iran's challenges and the precise weapons aimed at Israel, we need to allocate very large resources to build Israel the necessary security security, "Netanyahu said." It requires broad national agreement, it is not an easy decision-making process, it requires a shoulder government. Extensive. The economic challenge is the result of the security challenge. "
"We can reach national agreements under President Trump's century plan that will only be evaluated if we stand on one wide front," said Netanyahu. "The opportunity to set our eastern border, in arrangements with the United States." "This opportunity exists now, I speak here from the heart and head of long-standing experience in leading the country. We have reached a possible maturation of conditions that can also address our security and economic challenges and a tremendous response to a political opportunity that we did not have and will not have."
Netanyahu said a unity government should be established "as soon as possible. This is the only government to consider. We can do it very quickly, this government can be set up very quickly if we want to." Netanyahu told Rivlin that contrary to the previous elections, after which he could not form a government and decided to dissolve the Knesset, "If I fail I will return the mandate to you."



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