80,000 people demonstrated all over Israel against Netanyahu's government to Save democracy


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Jan 14, 2023

At least 80,000 people came on Saturday evening to the main demonstration in Tel Aviv's Bima Square - the largest so far against the new government of Benjamin Netanyahu. Many of them came to the square with Israeli flags.

In Haifa about 2,000 people protested against the planned legal revolution and at the same time about 3,000 people demonstrated in front of the President's House in Jerusalem before marching towards Paris Square. Demonstrators also gathered in Modiin in front of the home of Justice Minister Yariv Levin.
About a thousand policemen and soldiers of the Border Guard secured the demonstration in Tel Aviv, heavy traffic congestion was recorded in the city center. The crowds came despite the forecast for rain, which had already started falling this evening in Tel Aviv. Many of them came equipped with umbrellas.
Many of the protesters dispersed even before the end of the speeches. Some of them held a torchlight march on Sderot Ben Zion which is nearby, others marched on Kaplan Street next to Kiryat Shvaram. About 200 protesters also arrived at the Peace Interchange and police prevented them from going down to Ayalon.
Hundreds arrived at the Azrieli junction which was blocked and the police prevented them from going down the Ayalon lanes. The police also blocked the descent to Ayalon for vehicles. The demonstrators tried to break through the barrier and shouted at the forces "Ben Gabir's policemen". Some of them entered the Azrieli Mall trying to get to Ayalon from the underground parking lot, and were stopped by police officers. After that, the protesters started marching on Begin Road, traffic jams were felt in the area.
Retired Supreme Court Judge Ayala Prokacha spoke at the HaBima Square and said that "We are in a period of deep rupture in the foundations of the basic social building of agreement on the basic values of the state that were presented in the Declaration of Independence. Value democracy is not only the will of the majority, it also has other values that the majority Subject to them, including human rights, moral purity and judicial independence." According to her, "All the borders have been crossed. A country where judges and military personnel demonstrate is not a reformed country."
Former Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said in her speech that the government "went to war against the democratic institutions themselves, in order to rule without straits. No debate, no legitimate criticism - political takeover. No, elections do not give the power to destroy democracy itself. Spilled poison, lies, deception A man against his brother, marking as an enemy anyone who thinks otherwise. All so that we crumble brick by brick and weaken as a society before the great attack, and the dismantling of the defense wall of democracy on all fronts. We will stop you and we will not compromise. Because democracy in Israel, our freedom and our rights are not a political bargain."
The audience booed President Yitzhak Herzog during the speech of the Chairman of the Movement for the Quality of Government, Eliad Sharaga. Announce his resignation immediately," said Shraga, who turned to the president. "History will not forget you if you don't do it."
At the demonstration in Tel Aviv, the head of the Bar Association, Avi Himi, and Ora Peled Nakash, the first woman to complete a habiliment course after petitioning the High Court, also spoke. A Hebrew leader sang "I got to love" at the beginning of the demonstration.
Sources close to National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir said this evening that Ben Gvir received a briefing from the commissioner and a senior officer in Tel Aviv about the demonstration and expressed satisfaction that, as he told the crowd, "no one came with a Nazi symbol." He was informed that "a group of anarchists is frustrated." that failed to ignite the demonstration intends, according to the police's assessment, to block the Ayalon routes. The minister asked the police not to give the anarchists the photos they want, but on the other hand "demands equal justice for all and as they treat the anarchists they will treat Ethiopians, ultra-Orthodox and settlers".
Former Defense Minister Benny Gantz called on the public to protest. "It's true that it's a little cold and it might also rain. But this is our country. Let everyone take the Israeli flag in one hand, an umbrella in the other and come to protect democracy and the law in the State of Israel. This is important to us. We'll meet in the square," Gantz tweeted before arriving at the demonstration at the Bhima square. .
The protestors in Horeb Square in Haifa came with Israeli and LGBT flags and the signs they were holding read, among other things, "The Deri Law - Defamation of Israel", "Criminal government" and "Israel cannot be turned into a dictatorship". The demonstrators, including parents with children, chanted "Democracy , democracy." One of the protesters, Yaffe Anar, said: "Deri was in prison, Bibi with indictments, Ben Gabir with the cases against him. Where is the democracy? One authority will determine everything, does that make sense at all? As President Hayut said - this is the end of democracy in the 75th year of the state."
Demonstrators also gathered in front of the President's House in Jerusalem with signs that read "Government is not tyranny." The police closed Hanasi Street to vehicular traffic in order to allow another place for the demonstration. The demonstrators shouted, among other things, "Left and right arrest Levin", "We will not give a dictatorship to the establishment" and "Buji wake up, the house is on fire". A young man holding a Palestinian flag was detained and the flag was confiscated. After that, the demonstrators marched, in coordination with the police, towards Paris Square.



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