Likud primaries - loyalty to the boss pays off: Yariv Levin, Miri Regev and Amir Ochana


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Aug 11, 2022

The preliminary elections in Likud proved that those who are loyal to Netanyahu succeed in a big way. All the candidates who criticized the police and the prosecutor's office and the courts reached high places. The winner of the election is Levin's opponent and he will be number two after Netanyahu. Eli Cohen, who was very strong despite coming from Kahlon's Kulana party, ranked third. He is followed by Yoav Galant and fifth Dodi Amsalem. In the first ten are some interesting figures, mainly Amir Ohana and the strong woman in Likud, Miri Regev.
Amir Ohana brought one suit for the whole day. The heat is heavy, the stations are numerous, and he has to be at his best in all of them. But one suit is enough for him. At 7:52 yesterday (Wednesday) he left his home in Tel Aviv in preparation for the fight for a place on the Likud list for the Knesset, and come what may - he will also return with this suit.
The day of the primaries is the last and decisive line, in the marathon of meetings, gatherings, events and lots of handshakes, which the Likud contestants embarked on about a month ago. For the determined contestants, the marathon started years ago and hasn't ended since. "There are Knesset members who come to every event, every wedding, who don't have evenings at home with the family," Ohana says, "and there are those who only wake up when there are primaries. On a scale of 1 to 10, I think I'm an 8."
Today's important number is actually 103. This is the serial number in which the name "Amir Ohana" appears in the list of contenders in the primaries, and this is the number he asks every voter to mark when he comes to the polls. Likud officials who vote in the primaries are required to mark 12 names of candidates they want to see in the Knesset. In another note, they vote for another candidate, who ran in the district elections and is included in the national list for the Knesset according to a pre-determined list.
In the 2014 primaries, Ohana was a candidate in the Tel Aviv district, and ranked 32nd. He entered the Knesset only a year later, after Minister Sylvan Shalom resigned. Four years later, Ohana received a leap forward, when he was selected in 19th place.
Since then he has not stopped progressing. Wrapped in the open support of the chairman of his movement, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ohana has become a star who preaches a message that his voters love to hear. Alongside figures like Eli Cohen, Galit Distel-Atbarian, Miki Zohar and Shlomo Karai, Ohana symbolizes a change of power in the party, a sort of new Likud princes. They have one thing in common: uncompromising loyalty to the former prime minister. And they all have a similar ideology - dismantling the state institutions they perceive as elitist and subordinating them to elected officials. But for Ohana, more than others, it seems to be a life's mission. In the era of Netanyahu's criminal affairs, his private mission has become Essential for the entire Likud.
The goal that Ohana set for himself is the top seven. Anything less would be a disappointment. After the prolonged counting of votes, today at noon it became clear that he was up to the task. Ohana finished fifth in the primaries, and will be placed sixth on the Likud list for the Knesset. Gabi Mirel, a Likud activist from Ashdod, volunteered to explain how he does it: "Amir represents the Torah of Israel, the people of Israel and the Land of Israel. He represents me. In the end, either a person brings you closer or he rejects you. Amir brings you closer. Without trying, He has this grace."



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