Likud primaries were extended until 10:30 p.m due to pressure by the party's chairman Netanyahu


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Aug 10, 2022

The Likud primaries were extended until 10:30 p.m. after pressure exerted by the party's chairman, Binyamin Netanyahu. Although the turnout, which stood at 9:00 p.m. at 54%, is similar to the previous primaries, Netanyahu is putting pressure on party members and asked to extend the vote even until midnight - when the goal is to weaken the power of the groups organized in Likud.
In the last few hours towards the evening, dozens of SMS messages, recorded messages and videos were sent to the functionaries, after in Netanyahu's opinion too few functionaries voted for the five armors he requested. Likud said today (Wednesday) that it is possible that Netanyahu's strategy is to try to pressure the officials on purpose in order to increase the voter turnout and thus weaken the big bosses and the organized groups that vote for the same list in the elections.
Over the past few days, Netanyahu has made sure to send automated messages to party members and emphasize the importance of going out to vote. The chairman of the Likud repeatedly repeated the message "choose the right one", intending to present a state list as much as possible that could transfer two mandates of the soft right from the center-right and reach the 61 mandates needed to form a coalition.
As the hours passed since the opening of the polls, rumors began to spread about the rejection and promotion of candidates on the list - but the official results will be at least tomorrow, since the counting of votes is manual. Quite a few party members bet this morning that MK Yariv Levin will reach very high - perhaps even at the top of the list. "I do not propose to engage in guesswork," Levin told the Ynet studio, "What is beautiful about Likud - unlike what unfortunately happens in most parties in Israel - with us is not a person One decides and the MKs are robots, but about 140,000 members and friends who come and vote. You can see the queues, active participation and they will decide and I of course respect their every decision and certainly hope to gain great trust and continue on the path I'm on, which is the path of Likud and the right to continue to represent my movement".
Knesset member Nir Barkat added that "in total, we need to take two or three mandates from the other bloc, that's all the gap between us and winning the November elections - and we have to create a list that attracts votes from the other side." He asked Likud officials not to vote according to "elimination lists" in the party, and claimed that "there are people who want to harm me and lower me in the ranking in the primaries in order to promote themselves - but this is not a harm to me, but to Likud."
Danny Danon, who has been out of the Knesset for the past seven years, noted that "I am sure that Likud members remember what I did at the United Nations for the State of Israel, and I will receive the gratitude. I look forward to being elected to the Knesset and, with God's help, to be the Minister of Internal Security and to deal with the real problems that exist here in Israel."
Gilad Sharon, one of Netanyahu's opponents who voted this morning at the ballot box in Sderot, also radiated optimism. "We have close to 140,000 voters in Likud who are intelligent people, they know exactly who to choose and they will choose a strong and worthy list, because only if we have such a list, we can return to power," said Sharon.



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