80,000 attended Tel_Aviv Pride parade - President Herzog salutes gay community achievements


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Jun 10, 2022

The big party of the gay community: The 23rd Pride Parade in Tel Aviv was launched at noon (Friday) from the gathering stage at Sportek North in the city. More than 80,000 people attended the event. "We are here each and every one of us to celebrate our colorfulness, to demand our right to security in the public space, to show ourselves and our right to full equality of rights in the State of Israel," said Tel Aviv-Yafo Mayor Ron Huldai, who launched the parade with Hila Peer, Yu. R. Partner of the Association for the LGBT. The parade passes through Rokach Boulevard and will reach the show hill in Ganei Yehoshua Park - where the main shows will take place.
The facilitators at the launch stage - Shlamor Struzman, Nadav Bornstein and Susie Boom - commented on the series of reports of sexual assaults within the community in the past year. "We came to celebrate united and united pride. Affections, harassment and sexual abuse were exposed. We went through upheavals, we are a strong community. Our power in our unity is to set boundaries and demand freedom, equality, and sexual liberation." On stage were Etty Bitton, Lishai Shleman, Stefan Lager, and Erika Hysterica.
President Yitzhak Herzog said on the occasion of the opening of Pride Month events: "This month, we can all look at the impressive achievements of the community, the significant contribution of girls and members of the community to society, the state in all areas, Proud, to her uniqueness and yes, also to her rights.
"I look at the tidal families living in Israel, traditions and love, I see the representatives of the community, who hold senior positions in the state and public sector, starring above all stages, in the country and overseas, contributing along the way, in every way to make us who we are as a people and country. Be proud. "
In the best tradition, the marchers are accompanied by trucks carrying the best DJs from the nightlife of the LGBT community in the city and dancers in a variety of luxurious costumes. Ynet that no warnings were received about homophobic elements trying to harm the parade.
Several politicians came to support the marchers. Minister for Social Equality Meirav Cohen (Yesh Atid) said: "In the last two years, we have been working so that even people who are not in Tel Aviv can live as they please. We take care to open proud homes all over the country.
"There are heads of authorities who do not cooperate, but in government we have the right to shake hands and put politics aside to make things happen. We will not give in to people who use violence, who threaten, who use terrorism. Anything like this will be answered by us in budgets, while investment. To be afraid in our country, we will always provide protection to the people who live here in the country. "
Cohen's party chairman, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, reminded those present that a year ago he led the hanging of the Pride flag in the Foreign Ministry building in Jerusalem and in Israeli missions abroad. "MK Itamar Ben Gvir then sent a letter to the Attorney General demanding that I be banned from hanging the flag on the Foreign Ministry, and my response was 'Who is asking you?'" Minister Lapid said.
He added: "Here is the real answer. We are winning the fight for the community but it is not over, we should continue to run it because as long as there is one LGBT child in the periphery who needs our protection, in his honor we will march. We win because we are the best. "
Labor Party Chairman and Transport Minister Merav Michaeli said: “Take a look at yourself and understand why they call and call it Pride. I'm really more excited than usual because the parade first came out of Sheinkin over 20 years ago and came here. We return here to march with pride, there is nothing more exciting than that.
"Friends and friends, we here are happy and proud to go with all our might, but there are those who are not here because there are those who are still trying to scare them and speak ingrained things against them. We are not given to them, simply not given to them. Freedom of choice in love, "Equality means that we are allowed to be each one special in its own way."
MK Michal Shir (New Hope) said: "I have hardly missed a single parade from the first parade, this class to speak here in front of you is stunning and stunning that like you is so exciting for me. Thank you for who you are and for this all-important struggle. You are stunning and give strength and courage. "I am proud to be here as a representative of a new hope led by Gideon Saar - the only party on the right that openly supports community rights."
The Proud Youth Organization Iggy, together with Beit Dror and the Proud Center of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, set up the "Youth Truck" for this year's parade, with apprentices and members of the organizations. Iggy said: "We thank the municipality for the invitations to put the youth and young people at the center of the parade, bring the future into the Pride celebration that takes place every year in Tel Aviv and show everyone who is still scared or scared that we are here and everywhere and how much joy can be a part of his or her life."
The police prepared with increased forces for the march for security purposes and to maintain public order, as well as to direct and regulate traffic. Rokach Boulevard was blocked for traffic from Sheetrit Street to Ibn Gvirol Street in both directions until 19:00 in the evening. The police called on the participants to avoid entering Tel Aviv in a private vehicle.



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