Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David defeated former chair Ofer Eini and won 78% of the votes


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics May 25, 2022

Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David defeated former Histadrut chairman Ofer Eini in Tuesday's Histadrut elections. Bar-David won 77.78% of the votes, while Eini won 22.24% according to the Announcement of the Election Commission. The final turnout in the election for the position of chairman was 42.3%, which is 254,000 people - out of 601,000 who have the right to vote.
In the elections to the Histadrut conference, Bar-David's faction, Anchors, won 78.6% of the kosher votes, numbering only about 130,000. The All of Us Rock Eye faction won 21.4% of the vote. Bar-David (65) took over as chairman of the Histadrut in March 2019, following the joining of his predecessor, Avi Nissenkorn, to the blue and white list and his resignation from the organization. Bar-David served until then as chairman of the Maof Histadrut To the Histadrut.
In fact, in the new Histadrut, a non-incumbent chairman has never been elected - and all the chairmen since its inauguration in 1994 have entered the position through a succession process (but ran in the elections after taking office). The last Histadrut election was held in May 2017. Shelly Yachimovich then ran against Avi Nissenkorn, who was the incumbent chairman. The turnout in the election then was the highest since 1994, amounting to 45.6%.
Bar-David served as chairman of the Histadrut during the Corona crisis, and led several moves during that period - including the signing of collective agreements that allowed for changes in the scope of work of public sector workers during the closures. The Histadrut in which NIS 2 million was invested, and was intended to provide an answer to the strengthening of neo-liberal ideas, such as those promoted by the Ecclesiastical Forum.
In November 2021, Bar-David signed the package deal between the Ministry of Finance, the Histadrut and the employers' organizations - an agreement under which, among other things, the minimum wage will gradually increase from NIS 5,300 per month to NIS 6,000 per month until 2025. 2022 The increase in the minimum wage has not yet begun.
Bar-David defeated Eini (63), who served as chairman of the Histadrut for 12 years - between 2006 and 2014. Eini began his career at the Histadrut as a clerk in the income tax branch in Be'er Sheva and climbed to the position of chairman. He was appointed as his successor in office, Amir Peretz, after the latter became chairman of the Labor Party. At that time, the turnout was relatively high, 40%. Upon his resignation as chairman of the Histadrut, Eini marked Nissenkorn as his successor.
In recent years, Eini has focused on the business sector, and also served as chairman of the Football Association (a volunteer role). To criticize the fact that as a workers' leader, he moved alongside the capitalists.
The polls opened on Tuesday at 5:00 and closed at 22:00. The candidates voted this morning in Tel Aviv - Bar-David at a polling station at Ichilov Hospital, and my eyes at a post office on Moshe Dayan Street. For the first time in the organization, the elections were held digitally using computer systems from MalamTim, which were set up in 2,031 centers throughout Israel - in residential areas and workplaces. The election results were supposed to be published by midnight on polling day, but publication was delayed until after 1:30 p.m.



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