Coalition Chairman Idit Silman has decided to leave the coalition: P.M Bennet on his way out?


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Apr 6, 2022

Coalition Chairman Idit Silman has decided to resign from the coalition. The cracks were heard in the coalition for a long time. The dispute between Silman and Nitzan Horowitz over the chametz conference for hospitals. After the bomb was dropped on Wednesday by the leader of the retiring coalition, Idit Silman, the political system has three options. The first is to go to the polls - a move that is estimated to be preferred by opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud.
Elections will be possible if Silman is followed by another retiree from the right, who will allow her and Amichai Shikli to be declared a separate faction without sanctions and with the funding units provided by the Knesset for them. The opposition is putting a lot of pressure on MKs Nir Orbach and Avir Kara on the right to follow Silman.
Another possibility is constructive distrust - which means swearing in another government in the current Knesset. Together with Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Blue and White MKs, this is a possible and preferred move for Gantz who could immediately enter the Prime Minister's Office.
The third option is to continue the current government by a narrow majority in the Knesset. The chances of this are slim, and rely only on the possibility of expanding the government by adding additional factors. A move that seems hopeless, as none of the members of the opposition will find a real reason to stabilize the Bennett-Lapid ship with a political bang on the table that has been waiting for him for months.
Silman's resignation comes against the backdrop of the chametz affair in the hospitals, following which she attacked the current health minister, Nitzan Horowitz, and said that "we will not allow him to be a minister." Last week, it was revealed on Ynet that the Hadassah administration is trying to prevent the introduction of chametz in violation of the High Court ruling on the matter. This week, during a discussion in the health committee headed by her, Silman attacked Horowitz following his instruction to the hospitals. "Horowitz allows the introduction of chametz into hospitals? We will not allow him to be a minister," she said. "There is a crossing of a red line here. In my shift it will not be."
Silman did not announce her decision in advance to anyone in the coalition, not even to Naftali Bennett and Deputy Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Yair Lapid. Political sources said that "her move stems from a closure she made with the Likud." However, if there is no other MK to retire soon and allow the right-wing faction to split, and in the meantime it will start voting against the coalition - it could be declared a retiree along with MK Shikli and will not be able to run for Likud or religious Zionism in the next election.
In her retirement letter sent to Bennett this morning, Silman wrote: "I joined the current coalition out of a genuine desire to create unity and closeness of hearts on the basis of the common good that unites us as a people and as a state. "In my role as chairman of the coalition and chairman of the health committee in the Knesset. How much I have tried to preserve togetherness, to find the common denominator and in this way to express the important tasks that lay ahead of us."
She said, "Some of our partners, who hold key positions in the coalition, probably see things differently, and are not ready for any compromise on their part on issues that are at the core of the worldview of the public that elected us and brought us to the Knesset of Israel." Benjamin Netanyahu said, "I was very excited to hear MK Edith Sliman's statement, and I congratulate them on behalf of the masses of the people of Israel who will hope for this moment. Welcome back home to the National Camp.
The opposition this morning welcomed Silman's retirement. Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu said, "I was very excited to hear MK Edith Sliman's statement, and I congratulate them on behalf of the masses of the people of Israel who wish for this moment. Edith, the proof that what guides you is the concern for the Jewish identity of the State of Israel, the concern for the Land of Israel, and I welcome you back home to the national camp. The proof that real public representatives act according to the dictates of their conscience and there is no greater right than this. I call on everyone who is elected by the national camp to join Idit and return home to us. You will be received with all due respect and with open arms. "
Chairman of Religious Zionism Bezalel Smutrich said in response to Silman's decision that it was "the dawn of a new day in the State of Israel. The end of Bennett's non-Zionist government and the Islamic movement and the moment when it can and should be replaced by a Jewish, Zionist and national government. "I would like to congratulate MK Idit Silman for the brave and just step she took this morning, in which she drew a red line against the violation of the Jewish identity of the State of Israel and the basic values ​​of Zionism."
Smutrich added: "The national camp will welcome Idit with open arms and in a place of honor reserved for those who saved the people of Israel and the State of Israel in one of their moments of crisis. I call on coalition members elected by the right, return home Israel".
Shas chairman Aryeh Deri also congratulated Silman, who said that he "gave a hand in saving the Jewish identity of the State of Israel. I apologize that I doubted the brave step you took, may you be blessed by God." Nissan was redeemed and Nissan will be saved. "



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