Photographed footage reveals the neglect of refugees from Ukraine that landed at Ben Gurion Airport


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Mar 11, 2022

Photographed footage obtained by the press on Thursday from social media posts reveals the neglect of refugees who came from the war in Ukraine and landed at Ben Gurion Airport. Recognition, "said one lander in a video posted on Facebook." Hot here, stuffy here. "
Following the documentation, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked ordered that the procedure be changed immediately and that those waiting at Ben Gurion Airport be transferred regularly to the hotel, where they will stay until a decision is made on their case. "The Minister thanked the Minister of Defense, Bnei Gantz, for his decision to allocate a place for refugees in a hotel used for the accommodation of corona debtors. She congratulated Minister Gantz for the quick assistance and mobilization of the Home Front Command."

The Interior Minister announced this week that Israel will allow the entry of five thousand non-Jewish Ukrainian refugees in addition to the 20,000 who are already in the country and there are no legal permits on the networks.
Following the evacuation to the hotel, today all relevant elements in the IDF will hold a tour of Ben Gurion Airport to arrange the entrance gate for those arriving from Ukraine. On behalf of Defense Minister Bnei Gantz, he said that after the tour he will discuss "We are ready to receive many refugees from Ukraine until the end of the fighting, for which we pray, and for that we work," the defense minister said yesterday at a ceremony on Mount Herzl. In this context, the IDF and the defense establishment will also be fully involved, as was its owner in the 1990s, and as in any national challenge that was before us.
The Population and Immigration Authority said in response to the documentation that "Passengers landing at the airport receive service around the clock and as needed. Sometimes, several flights accumulate together, which creates a large load of landers.
"PA employees are sensitive to the Ukrainian citizens who land at Ben Gurion Airport and whether their entry is approved or denied, we make sure to provide proper and respectful treatment to each and every passenger."
It was further explained that "the wait is created when the need for questioning arises and in these cases the waiters receive sandwiches and drinks continuously - yesterday and today, for example, 2,000 sandwiches and drinking bottles were provided. In any case, the new policy is intended to prevent mirrors as described. "
Meanwhile, Israel is preparing for the absorption of about 100,000 immigrants from Ukraine after thousands of them have already applied to immigrate to Israel.
Prime Minister Bennett referred to the expected increase and said that the absorption of Ukrainian Jews in Israel embodies the destiny of the country. "We must open our door and our hearts and accept our brothers and sisters fleeing a difficult war," Bennett said tonight at a meeting of the Ministerial Committee on Immigration and Absorption. He added that the government is preparing to provide immigrants with housing, employment and education and health services. "This is a great challenge for all of us - for the government and Israeli society. I have no doubt that we can meet it and we will meet it," the prime minister concluded.



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