Ukrainian Foreign Minister on El Al using Russian payment system - money soaked in Ukrainian blood


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Mar 7, 2022

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Koleba has attacked El Al over a payment option through a Russian payment system provided on the company's website. Kolba posted a photo from the site, which marked the possibility of paying through the "Mir" payment system set up by the Central Bank of Russia.
"While the world imposes sanctions on Russia for its barbaric actions in Ukraine, others prefer to make money absorbed in Ukrainian blood," Kolba wrote. "Here, El Al is receiving payments from the 'Mir' payment system, which was designed to circumvent sanctions." This is an immoral act and a violation of relations between the two countries. "Some people prefer to make money soaked in Ukrainian blood," the minister said.

El Al denied the foreign minister's remarks, saying they had blocked the possibility of using credit cards based on the Mir system as early as a week ago. "We are sorry that a simple check was not made with us before the misleading tweet," the company said. "El Al operates in full coordination with the Israeli government. Throughout the crisis, El Al rescued thousands of Jewish and foreign Israelis from Kiev and was one of the last companies to operate flights to Ukraine. I want to. " The company also stated that it operates "flights to Russia at the request of the Israeli government."
Earlier, Ukraine's ambassador to Israel, Ivan Kornichuk, called on Israeli business owners to stop trading with Russian companies. "I urge Israeli businesses to follow in the footsteps of most American and European companies that have moved their offices out of Russia," Kornichuk said. "Several thousand international companies have stopped doing business in Russia in the past week. We hope that Israeli businessmen will support this move, and that even if there are no sanctions from the government - there will be sanctions from people who understand the situation."
At a press conference he convened at the embassy in Tel Aviv, Kornichuk called on the Israeli government to provide his country with protective equipment. "What are they afraid of?" He asked. "It's the simplest thing they can do." He stressed his country's need for defense equipment and said: "We are at war right now and I allow myself not to be diplomatic - we have had long talks on militias and self-defense equipment with the Israeli government, including helmets and vests and have not reached an understanding yet." At this point he took out a helmet and put it on his head.
Jerusalem has so far refrained from officially responding to the foreign minister's tweet. Kolba's harsh statement is a continuation of a direct line of the Ukrainian government, which in recent weeks has not hesitated to publicly criticize Israel and its conduct since the outbreak of the war. Thus, President Volodymyr Zalansky protested that Bennett was not "wrapped in the Ukrainian flag," and Ambassador Kornichuk protested at two press conferences he convened that Israel send to it equipment that was not needed at all in the attacked country. In Ukraine, they learned last week from the media about the Knesset Finance Committee's decision to approve a state guarantee of $ 2 billion for Israeli airlines so that they can continue to operate airlines on the Israel-Russia route despite the sanctions.
An Israeli official clarified last week that Israel would not join the sanctions regime, citing the lack of appropriate legislation that would make it possible to impose the various decisions on the private sector. Instead, in light of an American request, the Bank of Israel is following attempts by senior Russian officials affected by the sanctions to copy their accounts to banks in Israel. In addition, Israel is working to prevent long-term parking of oligarchs' planes and yachts so as not to make Israel a base for smuggling them into Israel.



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