U.S. ambassador to the UN protested Israel refused to back up a resolution U.S. led against Russia


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Feb 27, 2022

 The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations has protested to Israeli Ambassador Gilad Ardan that Israel refused to back up the resolution that the U.S. led to a vote in the UN Security Council on Friday night condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, senior Israeli officials said.
Last week, the Prime Minister's Office and the Foreign Ministry said that the United States understood the Israeli position and did not put pressure on it regarding its position on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid told ministers A security that took place tonight, and it turns out that behind the scenes there was actually American pressure and dissatisfaction on the part of the Biden government towards the Israeli conduct.
Israel is not a member of the UN Security Council, but about a week ago the United States approached it and dozens of other countries and asked them to join the decision as "bridesmaids." That is, they will sign the proposed resolution and express support for it even without voting on it. Israel dragged its feet and gave no clear answer to the Americans until Friday midnight when the Security Council debate began. In contrast to Israel, more than 80 non-member countries of the UN Security Council have expressed support for the US resolution.
Finally, 11 members of the Security Council voted in favor of condemning Russia. Three countries - China, India and the United Arab Emirates - abstained. Russia voted against, and in fact vetoed the decision.
Senior Israeli officials said that on Friday, shortly after Russia vetoed the draft resolution, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas Greenfield sent a message to Israeli Ambassador Gilad Ardan that the Biden administration was disappointed with Israel's conduct.
The US delegation to the UN said they did not address the content of diplomatic talks. The State Department said: "We are having a dialogue with the Americans on a wide range of channels and a wide range of angles on the Ukrainian issue, and our bottom line is that our partners are well aware of our considerations."
The UN Security Council is meeting tonight to make a decision on a special emergency session of the UN General Assembly tomorrow Monday. The Americans are interested in bringing a condemnation decision against Russia to a vote in the General Assembly, where Russia has no veto right and therefore the condemnation proposal is expected to pass by a large majority. Foreign Minister Lapid said at a cabinet meeting that if there was such a vote, Israel would vote in favor of condemning Russia.



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