80 thousand of the gay and lesbian community participated in the protest rally in Tel Aviv


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Jul 22, 2018

The gay and lesbian community's protest rally took place at the end of a busy day of demonstrations, including the blocking of a section of the Ayalon Highway to protest against the law that discriminates against them and passed last week with the support of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to the organizers, some 80,000 people have reached the square.
This is a law that allows surrogacy for all sectors, but not for single men who wish to undergo the surrogacy procedure.
At the rally the singer Rita sang the song "Come". Then the comedian and actress Orna Banai spoke: "Look what happened here today, how did the whole country stand still today, because it's a historic day, do you feel it?" The public voted with his feet and said yes to equality, not to discrimination.
 "This evening, friends, we are a cohesive group, large and strong, and there are also people from the community and thousands of people who have come to support us and the way to shout a cry that has been in our throat for many months, Bad is going through our country, the feeling is that in our government there are irresponsible people who promote harmful laws.
 "This atmosphere that you feel, the bad atmosphere, the violence, the hatred and the split - it happens because someone wants and cares for it, it promotes his goal, he prefers all of us divided and weak instead of one large crowd." Banai added that "the protest is not over tonight, it is just beginning."
"It's a struggle for our most basic right to be a family," added Adir. "Without the backing of the political system, the demonstration will not change anything. "This huge protest must lead to the transfer of egalitarian laws to the gay community - otherwise this evening's support will have no meaning.
 "The identity struggles of certain groups, or class struggles involving only the weaker ones, are mistakenly perceived as irrelevant to the public, and therefore more indifferent," says MK Itzik Shmuli, from the labour party who also belongs to the LGBT community. "When it comes to class struggles that include the middle class, there is a chance for mass protests."
"The economic barrier of the surrogacy procedure ($ 120-130,000 or more) is very relevant to the middle class and brings even more to the protest." One explanation can not be isolated here; This is also a moral identification against discrimination and the fact that the protest concerns many.
Two of them are Omer (33) and Almog (34) Bar-Lev Shiloah. They have been living together for seven years now and two years ago they decided to expand the family unit. They had only one choice: surrogacy in the United States. Beyond the economic issue, they say,
There was also emotional difficulty involved. "This is a significant process in our lives and we have to do it 15 hours away," Omer told Haaretz. "When you have difficulties during pregnancy, you can not give a surrogate to the surrogate mother and get some calm, you can not feel the children during pregnancy." In January they had two twins, a boy and a girl. Will they bring them brothers? "This is only a desire, in light of the difficulties that the state places on the members of the community," Omer added.
Chen Arieli, chairman of the LGBT Association, turned from the stage in the square to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "You approached me earlier with the media, so I answer you together with everyone from the square ... There is a community here that demands actions and not press releases, Mr. Prime Minister, to tell you no. "
 "Not to empty statements, not to empty public relations meetings; We require actions in legislation, budgets, policies, long-term plans that are being built together with community organizations, not our heads. "
 "Our community, at the height of its power, offers no less than an alternative to Israeli reality," continues Arieli, "and offers a different operating program, one that takes into account the difference and complexity, gathers them into one excited reading and proves in practice that together we are strong.
 "We are standing here, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer and straight, we are standing here with a huge public that supports, who believes, who wants to live Here with the understanding that we are all equal, that we all have the right to live in the equal and equal security of citizens and citizens. It is nothing less than a struggle for the image of our country. "
 "We will continue to come out of the closet," Arieli told the excited crowd, "to walk the streets, to fight the institutions of the state, to be in schools, in the courts, and wherever the forces of darkness try to extinguish us.



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