Yitzhak Herzog was elected the 11th President of the State of Israel: 87 MK voted for him


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Jun 2, 2021

Yitzhak Herzog was elected the 11th President of the State of Israel. Herzog won by an overwhelming majority of 87 supporters, the highest number in the state, over the 26 supporters of his rival Miriam Peretz, with whom he hugged in the plenum stand when the two then watched the vote together. In the victory speech, he declared that he would be "everyone's president" and would work to heal the rifts in Israeli society, as well as against anti-Semitism in the world.
"With reverence and great excitement, I am the poorest of the deeds, accepting the election of the Knesset of Israel to me as the eleventh President of the State of Israel," Herzog said in a joint statement with the Speaker of the Knesset, MK Yariv Levin (Likud). "I would like to thank each and every one of my fellow Knesset members for the trust you have placed in me. I accept the heavy responsibility you have placed on my shoulders. I accept the right to serve the entire Israeli public, in this high and lofty position."
The President-elect thanked Levin for "exemplary management of the election", as well as for Peretz, "Israeli heroine, for being a symbol and inspiration to all citizens of Israel, to rise from endless pain and choice in life. Miriam, I reach out to you and wish for fruitful cooperation between us, for Israeli society ".
"For more than two decades I have fulfilled the mission of my life: serving the people and our country with love, dedication and professionalism. I studied Israeli society throughout, I became closely acquainted with the diversity and uniqueness of the Israeli mosaic, rare and unique, which combines not only members, beliefs, groups and religions "All the great treasures we have received here together: spiritual richness, cultural depth, critical thought, tradition and renewal. There is not a single stone in our beautiful mosaic that I would be willing or dare to give up," he added.
"That's why I intend to be everyone's president," he stressed. "Listen attentively to every position and respect every person. Mark the connecting lines and build bridges of agreement, to bring even the farthest in the buds - here within us, as well as with our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora; to empower and nurture our creativity, initiative and originality; "The unity, mutual guarantee and common identity that are so necessary for us in our journey to become an exemplary society. To leave breathing space for the embroiderers of spirit, creativity and dreams. To fill Israel with hope."
He said, "The challenges are many and should not be taken lightly. It is essential to address the bloodshed wounds that have opened up in our society in recent times; we must defend Israel's international standing and reputation in the family of nations; fight anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel; maintain the pillars of our democracy; "The time of the nation; and to leave the strait for space. This is our essence, our pioneering and our commitment to this country."
"To this journey I bring with me all my lectures, experiences and abilities. The historical commitment of my family chain of generations to the victory of Israel," he recalled. He will be the second in his family to serve in the post: his father, Haim Herzog, was the sixth president of Israel. "I also bring with me a wonderful and one-of-a-kind partner - my beloved wife Michal, without you it would not have happened. Without your endless support and commitments and without being there, always, all the way. You and our beloved sons Noam, Matan and Roi. To the tenth President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, I send my blessing from here and wish him a successful end to a blessed ministry and his great contribution to our people and country. "
In the loss speech, Peretz stood by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and talked about the path she took until her candidacy for president. "I left Morocco for one big dream. My parents did not know what it was religious, secular, left or right, they knew that there are Jews and Arabs and there is a paradise called Jerusalem. I won and came to this country and it opened the door for me, and only thanks to it "My parents expected me to be a civil servant and to be organized."
"It was not bereavement that led me to the stage but my choice of where to take the crisis of my life. I decided to shine and do good," she stressed. "I really like President Herzog, he has sent me on many missions abroad, in Jewish communities. "Today we have elected a worthy president who respects us and from here I pray with all the people of Israel for his success because his success is my success and the success of my country."
Earlier, she stopped to speak at the exit of the plenum. "I was privileged to face a dear person that I cherish and appreciate," she said. "The love I have received from the people of this country fills my heart. I will continue in every way in this work that connects, unites, because there is a great task today for the president or president: the missiles from Gaza the state of Israel can overcome, I do not worry. But a missile of hatred, of separation, "On a missile that does not respect, on a missile that does not accept the beautiful shades that exist in this country - on this missile I see my mission there to try to bridge, connect, care more about love and more light in this country. We have an amazing country, we must not cover it in fog." .
This morning she visited Mount Herzl. As she makes her way to the Knesset accompanied by her supporters, the candidate said she still continues to meet with one more Knesset member in order to persuade him to vote for her. She added that "even when a sword is placed around a person's neck - do not give up."
Meanwhile, the Blue and White parties and Shas decided on freedom of vote for their members. "The Minister of Defense and Blue and White Chairman Bnei Gantz granted freedom of vote to the presidential election," they said in blue and white.
At 11:00, the meeting opened in the plenum. The Speaker of the Knesset detailed the secret ballot procedure and announced its commencement. Accompanying them in the "Negev" and "Jerusalem" halls in the new wing of the Knesset, prepared in advance in their honor.
At the end of the vote, the Speaker of the Knesset announced a break in the plenary session for the purpose of counting the votes. The Knesset convened the plenary session and announced the results.



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