Incoming Prime Minister Bennett addressed Netanyahu and thanked him - the P.M replied wi'll be back


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Jun 13, 2021

The Knesset plenum convened for the special session at which - if there is no last-minute drama - the government of Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid will be sworn in, and the end of Benjamin Netanyahu's 12 consecutive years will come to an end. The debate deteriorated from the first moment to shouts and insults shouted at Bennett by members of the new opposition, and it was very difficult to present the basic lines of his new government.
Some Knesset members even waved protest signs calling Bennett a "crook from Jerusalem" and a "thief of votes" - and some were expelled from the plenum by outgoing Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin, which will be the last plenum to head and which was very difficult to control.
At the beginning of Bennett's speech, MKs Bezalel Smutrich and Orit Struck were fired after interrupting his speech and waving pictures of families of victims of terrorist attacks, while MK Itamar Ben Gvir was fired after waving a black flag and a poster.
 Bennett's new-old partner, Lapid, gave up his planned speech and instead told Knesset members that he was "apologizing" to his mother for their shameful behavior, he said. The incoming opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu later sharply attacked the new government, again claiming that Bennett had deceived his constituents, and promised to remain in the political arena.
At the beginning of his speech, incoming Prime Minister Naftali Bennett addressed outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and said: "As Prime Minister, you have worked for many years with dedication to strengthen its political and security power. The responsibility. We did not always agree, but you sacrificed a lot for Israel. "
He then thanked outgoing President Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin: "I would like to take this opportunity to also express my deep appreciation to Tenth President Reuven Ruby Rivlin for his years as President, Speaker of the Knesset and as a dedicated public messenger, and to congratulate President-elect Yitzhak (Buzi) Herzog Wishing you success. With the help of the name, we will work well together. "
"The State of Israel is no longer a state, it is the dream of more Jews from Marrakesh to Budapest, from Baghdad to San Francisco, and we have won, that it comes true every day before our eyes," Bennett said. "Every generation has its challenges, every generation pulls out its leaders. The external challenges we face are great, the Iranian nuclear project that has advanced to a crucial point, the ongoing war on terror, Israel's image in the world and the unequal treatment it receives in international institutions are all tasks. "Our great-great-grandfathers would dream of reaching a situation where there is a Knesset in Israel with debates within a sovereign state. I am proud of that."
Bennett added that "at this time, we are also facing an internal challenge, the ongoing rift in the nation as manifested in these very minutes. "These quarrels, between the people who were supposed to run the country, led to paralysis just like in these minutes. This country ceased to be governed, lack of governance in the Negev and the loss of the south for 12 years." Bennett continued: "So as you can see the parliament But there are points in Jewish history where the controversy is out of control. When the controversy is no longer for heaven, when it threatens us, and for everything we have done in blood and toil - and twice in our history gentlemen we have lost our national home. The people of Israel lost the first and second house. "They did not know how to sit with each other and compromise. Yes, also with other people. Just like that. I see right here in front of my eyes Bar Giora and Yochanan from Gush Halav. Everyone is right, everyone is right, but out of justice they burned our house on us."
"Imagine then, 2000 years ago, people would stand and say R. The Abyss - we will not hold signs and we will not burn our own barns because we are unable to sit with each other. What happened? What happened? I am proud to be able to sit with people with very different opinions "So, gentlemen, at the crucial moment we took responsibility. According to the plan you planned for us, more elections. Fifth and sixth and tenth elections. More hatred, as Litzman said, going to another election, another poisoned post on Facebook , We are stopping the train a moment before the abyss and I want to thank my friend, the designated Foreign Minister, Yair Lapid, who showed national responsibility, political generosity and patience - and without him we would not be here today ".
Member of Knesset Lapid said that he decided not to deliver his speech because the chaos in the Knesset does not respect him and his 86-year-old mother. Netanyahu contented himself with attacking Bennett and the new government.



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