Lapid and Benet are starting official negotiations and will try to form a government within days


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics May 6, 2021

After the mandate for the formation of the government was given to chairman Yesh Atid Yair Lapid, Netanyahu's opponents are preparing for the implementation of the most complex stage to date - a real and public attempt to form a government and prevent a fifth election.
From the moment the possibility of forming a government with Netanyahu was dropped, among other things in light of Smutrich's opposition to joining the government with RAAM and Gideon Saar's opposition to joining a government in which Netanyahu will serve as prime minister at some point, Naftali Bennett announced Wednesday evening that he would form a broad emergency government, "but one that is based on right-wing principles in which he believes.

All components of the intended government share the conclusion that the longer the talks are spread and postponed, the less likely the government will be to stand up. Therefore, hours after receiving the mandate, Lapid convened his negotiating team to brief and assess the situation ahead of intensive talks that will begin tomorrow, in an attempt to raise white smoke and reach an agreed formula that would allow the formation of a government.
On the other hand, the Likud has not yet said the last word. The pressure exerted on members of the right in recent days may increase dramatically, and therefore there may be reservations from the government with the partnership for the change bloc on the part of other MKs on Bennett's list. Netanyahu's party, which will convene today at 4:00 PM for a faction meeting in Tel Aviv, is expected to target aggressive campaigns at Amichai Shikli, who announced today that he does not support the government with the change bloc.
Apart from Shikli, two other Knesset members who were signed by the Likud are Edith Silman and Ayelet Shaked. At the last faction meeting of the right, political sources said, Silman reacted to Bennett's moves. Shaked herself broke her silence last night in a post she published in which she reacted to Bennett and his actions recently. "It is possible to tell stories and fill the country with spins, but in the end Netanyahu was unable to form a right-wing government, due to opposition from Saar and Lieberman, and because of Bezalel's insistence," Shaked wrote. "From the beginning, the right-wing seats have been part of the right-wing bloc, with no conditions and no boycotts. I go a long way with Naftali. I'm not sure there is a precedent for the trust that exists between us."
She added that "Naftali came to the negotiations with Netanyahu with clean hands, an open heart and a willing mind. He sat in nightly meetings, met everyone he could, turned every stone, so that a right-wing government could be formed. "For that to happen. Bennett said from the beginning that he would try to form a right-wing government and so he did. Shaked clarified, however, that she and Bennett would prefer a right-wing government in the event that such a government could be formed.
Shaked's remarks came after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement, which attacked Bennett throughout his remarks. "When he met with us, he had only one requirement - to be prime minister. He raised it not only in private, but in all the meetings between the negotiating teams. "Now it has become clear to us that his whole goal was to waste time until the transfer of the mandate and reach a dangerous government with the left where he will get two years as prime minister," Netanyahu said.
He claimed that "this will be a dangerous left-wing government. A deadly combination of inability, incompetence and irresponsibility. Bennett and Shaked have sworn to the public that they will not go into government with Lapid, Meretz and Labor. They are violating all their commitments one by one. I said I was willing to let Bennett be "A prime minister in the first year of the right-wing government to prevent the formation of a dangerous left-wing government. But it turned out that Bennett was constantly busy negotiating with Lapid for a two-year rotation."



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