MK Gideon Saar announced that he was leaving the Likud to form a new political party


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Dec 8, 2020

Has the Likud experienced an earthquake and has the date of the end of Prime Minister Netanyahu's term approached? MK Gideon Saar announced that he was leaving the Likud to form a new party, which would face Benjamin Netanyahu for prime minister. His new party will run in the upcoming elections and because he already knows tomorrow about his resignation from the Knesset.
"I can no longer support a government headed by Netanyahu, and I can no longer be a Likud member headed by him," Saar said in a statement. According to him, the party has become a tool in the hands of the prime minister's personal interests: "Flattery and the folding of flags, in the cult of personality for man. There is no discussion of questions of policy, a wrong culture of defamation of political rivals."
"Israel has been in the worst political crisis in its history for the past two years, public discourse is becoming increasingly toxic and public confidence in the political system has deteriorated," Saar said in his opening remarks. "In addition to the political crisis, Israel is experiencing a severe social and economic crisis, which is exacerbated as a result of the government's failed confrontation with the Corona."
Saar made it clear that Netanyahu is unable to provide the state with the unity and stability it so desperately needs. "The order of the day is to bring the best forces into politics, to give and not to receive. We will work to ensure that state affairs are managed responsibly and professionally." Beyond that, Saar added that he "takes into account the possibility that the elections will not be advanced, and a compromise may be found that will prolong the life of the government.
Resigning from the Knesset will allow Saar to join an existing party in the next elections, such as Derech Eretz by Yoaz Handel and Zvika Hauser. Next in line to enter the Knesset according to the Likud list if Saar resigns is Nissim Vatori. If his associate MK Michal Shir also resigns, Shevach Stern will take her place.
"All of these are not easy or convenient decisions but leadership means leading and breaking through," Saar clarified in a statement. "I feel due to the position and the president in the responsibility that comes from it." In recent weeks, Saar has stepped up his criticism of government policy in the Corona crisis, and even resigned from the Knesset's Constitution Committee, in protest of the Corona Act. With a storm, MK Michal Shir is also expected to retire from the Likud, which is considered very close to him.
Saar is considered one of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's biggest rivals in the Likud and he was the only one who faced him in the last primaries for the Likud leadership in December last year. Netanyahu won an overwhelming majority of the vote with about 75%. Despite being at the top of the Likud's top five, Saar was the only senior Likud member not to be appointed minister in the Netanyahu-Ganz government.
Polls conducted in recent weeks also examined the possibility of a joint run by Saar with MK Yifat Shasha Bitton. According to senior figures in the political system, he is also in close contact with former chief of staff Gadi Izenkot, who is also currently considering entering politics.
MK Yifat Shasha Bitton said following the publications about cooperation between her and Saar, that "as I have said several times, when I make a decision I will stand transparently in front of the public and say what I have decided."
A Likud minister said that "Saar has dried up in the Knesset as an MK, and he will continue to be so next time." He said, "In an independent party, even with five seats he can find himself elsewhere after the next election, as Libra in Netanyahu's government and his status will be completely Other".
MK Shlomo Qarai (Likud) said that if MK Gideon Saar did decide to leave the Likud, "he must resign from the Knesset immediately and return the mandate to the Likud." Qarai wrote on Twitter: "It is unfortunate that someone who was the flesh and blood of the Likud movement decided to turn its back on itself during a crisis. The decision to join the 'Only Not Bibi' bloc is disgusting among the right-wing public and will be reflected in the ballot box."



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