Knesset approved its dispersal in a preliminary reading - Netanyahu calls upon Ganz to compromise


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Dec 2, 2020

The Knesset on Wednesday approved its dispersal in a preliminary reading, and Israel is expected to enter a fourth round of elections within two years. The proposal was approved by a majority of 61 supporters against 54 opponents, and with the support of the Blue Faction. The light of tension in the coalition. The Ra'am faction from the joint list, which has four representatives, was absent from the vote.
After the Knesset approved the dissolution of the Knesset in a preliminary reading, the Knesset committee will convene this coming Monday to decide which committee will discuss the bill. The committee's chairman, MK Eitan Ginzburg (blue and white), is not subject to a binding timetable, and he will be able to decide according to his party's position when the committee will convene, as well as determine the rate of advancement of the bill.
Blue and White are interested in controlling the entire process, and want to leave the bill for discussion in the Knesset committee - but the Likud and the ultra-Orthodox factions want the proposals to be forwarded to the Knesset's Constitution Committee so that they can control them. Either way, in the absence of a budget for 2020, and without the approval of the dispersal proposal, the Knesset will be automatically dispersed on December 23 at midnight. Once the Knesset committee has determined where the debates will take place, the committee will convene, and the bill will be approved for first reading.
The main debate between Blue and White and the Likud is on the budget issue, and accordingly, Blue and White chairman Bnei Gantz said today in the Knesset that if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu passes a budget, there will be no election. Gantz asks Netanyahu to fulfill his part Biennial, ie for the years 2020 and 2021. On the other hand, Netanyahu now wants to approve a budget for 2020, and the budget for next year to be approved now in the government - but wait with his approval in the Knesset for February or March.
The official reason for Netanyahu's position is the corona. The prime minister claims that in the wake of the economic crisis, it is not possible to approve a budget now for next year - a position that senior finance officials vehemently reject. Behind the scenes, it is estimated that Netanyahu wants the election to take place in June, without having to implement the rotation agreement with Ganz, then he will be forced to vacate his position as prime minister. If the budget approval is postponed to the beginning of next year, Netanyahu will have another polling station without the need to exercise a majority.
If the bill to dissolve the Knesset is approved in three readings, the date for holding the next elections is included in it, and it is estimated that they will take place towards March, subject to the consent of the majority of the factions. The law stipulates that elections will be held within 90 days from the date of the dissolution, but in discussions on the bill to dissolve the Knesset, Knesset members set a specific date. If the Knesset is automatically dispersed on December 23, elections will be held within 90 days from the date of dispersal.
The transitional government during the election period, subject to an agreement between Netanyahu and Gantz, is a government just like the current government, in which Netanyahu cannot fire the ministers of a blue-and-white bloc. However, the Likud asked Netanyahu to legally examine whether he could fire ministers from Gantz's party because they voted against the government's position to dissolve the Knesset or other votes planned by Blue and White in the next two weeks. This possibility has meanwhile been dropped from the chapter, and even if elections are held - blue and white ministers will continue to hold office until the next government is sworn in.
Hours after the proposal to dissolve the Knesset passed at noon (Wednesday) in a preliminary reading, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sharply attacked blue-and-white chairman Bnei Gantz, calling him "trailing behind Lapid and Bennett" - and his party as "opposition within a coalition."
Netanyahu opened his remarks and elaborated at length on the struggle in Corona and the recent political and security moves. After long minutes, the prime minister took the opportunity to talk about Bnei Gantz and sharply attacked him and his party. "Unfortunately, Bnei Gantz is trailing behind Lapid and Bennett," Netanyahu said. "The people of Israel want vaccines and not elections. We need to put politics aside, there will be enough time for that and we must work together for the citizens of Israel."
The prime minister addressed Gantz, saying, "Gantz needs to lift the ambush and stop this election deterioration and attacks. We need to behave differently." Netanyahu added that "if blue and whites stop dissolving the Knesset, there will be unity, but it can not be if blue and whites hold a government within a government, an opposition within a coalition, a 'coalition.' "Against them in the Knesset. For example, the agreement on the appointments. We made an agreement that we will set up a committee that will prevent these gray tenders, of 'friend brings friend.' They are not willing to do that.
"I know that the public expects something different and the public is right," Netanyahu continued. "They have no problem, what do they care? They have no responsibility so they are willing to drag the country into elections for personal reasons. It is not responsible, the public wants unity and a government that works together for it." The prime minister also claimed that Ganz and his party had made populist proposals during the second wave of the Corona - but it was the ministers from his party, Israel Katz and Yoav Galant, who pushed for the opening of entire branches contrary to the position of the Ministry of Health.
Blue and White responded: "Netanyahu, the time of the exercises is over. The campaign of concealment and lies is over - the test of deeds has arrived. ". Foreign Minister Ashkenazi added that "a quarter of an hour of speech, and the most important word has disappeared from the message page: budget. 9 million citizens are asking for economic certainty. Everyone already knows that if there was no justice, there would be a state budget. .
Opposition leader Yair Lapid said that "Benjamin Netanyahu today broke even his own records of cynicism. The man all day deals with incitement and hatred, and then came to the TV in the evening and spoke out against incitement and hatred.



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