For the 23rd week in a row thousands demonstrated all over Israel against Netnayhu and corruption


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Nov 28, 2020

For the 23rd week in a row, for more than half a year, thousands demonstrated Saturday night across the country against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and government corruption. The protests began in the evening at various intersections, bridges and hotspots, and later the demonstrations were concentrated in front of the Netanyahu family's home in Caesarea, and near the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem.
About 2,000 people came to Paris Square in the capital, when the demonstration focused on the submarine affair. As part of the police's preparations for the demonstration, Ben Maimon, Gaza, Paris Square, Agron, King George and Keren Hayesod streets were closed to traffic.
In Caesarea, several hundred people protested against Netanyahu and government corruption. A convoy of about a hundred Likud supporters, carrying party flags and support signs for the prime minister arrived in the area. They honked and shouted "Bibi, Bibi" in front of the rallying point for protesters against the prime minister. Police forces were deployed on nearby streets and on motorcycles on the main road of Caesarea. One of the demonstrators there shouted: "Enough of the left-wing demonstrations, enough of the hate demonstrations, enough of the black flags, there is only one leader in Israel and his name is Benjamin Netanyahu, give peace - tell Netanyahu to bring more peace. Come home traitors and accursed leftists of Israel."
At a demonstration by Netanyahu's supporters in Ness Ziona, the demonstrators held signs that read "Sadi Ben Sheetrit will be burned," as well as "traitorous leftists." This is in response to a comparison made by Ben Sheetrit, one of the leaders of the protest against Netanyahu, between the prime minister and Adolf Hitler.
The "Come Israel" protest movement, whose activists are taking part in demonstrations, attacked the prime minister. "Netanyahu's administrative failure has led the State of Israel to a health, economic and social catastrophe," the movement said. "While the citizens of Israel have reached the brink of starvation and are hanging themselves in stores, Netanyahu is only concerned with his political survival. The citizens of Israel deserve another prime minister. Now, more than ever."
A convoy of vehicles set out in the morning with hundreds of demonstrators in the direction of the Jerusalem Supreme Court, demanding the establishment of a state commission of inquiry into the submarine affair. The demonstrators left two centers, Caesarea and Bilu Junction, with submarine exhibits and F-35s on the vehicles. "We call for the establishment of a state commission of inquiry into the serious security affair since the establishment of the state," the Black Flags and "Investigation Now" movements said.
Former chief of staff Dan Halutz spoke at a rally in front of the court. It will be interesting to learn in the future what the prime minister's case is about the attorney general, for which he released him with a bang. "
During tonight's demonstrations, there were no "no situation" activists representing police violence against protesters. In addition, all protesters who received special stickers with the headline "We are all Gonen Ben Yitzhak" were distributed, at the end of a week in which the police and the prosecutor's office decided to file an indictment against him and another demonstrator. "Each and every one of us will be Gonen Ben Yitzhak. We will fight with him and stand on his right and left against the execution of blatantly illegal orders, issued by senior police officers - which has become a political police force in the service of the Balfour criminal organization."
The "No Situation" organization also said that "violence or lawsuits will not stop the massive protest that is sweeping the entire country and its center in Balfour near the official home of a criminally charged prime minister who neglects the State of Israel and its citizens during a health and economic crisis for his own interests."
The demonstrators are protesting against Netanyahu's continued tenure at the same time as being charged with crimes, claiming, among other things, that he cannot separate his personal and legal good from his political decisions. The prime minister is charged with three counts.
In the 1000 case (the benefit benefits case), Netanyahu is accused of receiving benefits worth about NIS 700,000 from businessmen Arnon Milchen and James Packer, while he served as prime minister. The main gifts were cigars, champagne packages and jewelry.
In addition, it was alleged that Netanyahu acted in Milchen's favor in three matters, in which the businessman sought his intervention: he approached US Secretary of State John Kerry to extend the businessman's visa, he approached Finance Minister Yair Lapid to extend the exemption. A tax for returning residents, and he worked to promote a merger of "Keshet" and "Reshet" - ostensibly at Milchen's request. According to the lawsuit, these acts damaged the image of the public service and the public's trust in it. In this case, Netanyahu is accused of fraud and breach of trust.
The 2000 case (the Netanyahu-Mozes affair) deals with talks between Netanyahu and Yedioth Ahronoth publisher Noni Mozes. In those talks, the two allegedly discussed the benefit of the prime minister's coverage of the Yedioth group, in exchange for imposing restrictions on the newspaper's main competitor - Israel Today. The person who offered the deal is Mozes, so he is accused of bribery. On the other hand, the ombudsman was also convinced that Netanyahu did not intend to complete the bribe deal, but continued the talks with Mozes to improve his coverage in the Yedioth group, and there are certain actions to do so. In this case, Netanyahu is accused of fraud and breach of trust.
Case 4000 (Bezeq-Walla affair) The most serious case for the prime minister concerns regulatory benefits worth hundreds of millions of shekels, which Netanyahu allegedly granted to Elowitz. In return, according to the indictment, Elovich acted to skew the coverage on the Walla! NEWS, which was under his control. In this case, Netanyahu is accused of bribery.



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