Rainy cold winter didn't stop the protest against P.M Netanyahu who is surving with 3 indictments


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Nov 21, 2020

The rain and winter weather failed to prevent the continued protest against the prime minister and through his activities and tenure under three indictments. About 1,000 people demonstrated on Saturday night against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and government corruption in front of the Netanyahu family's home in Caesarea, following a demonstration held this week by Netanyahu's supporters in front of an entire family in the locality, in which they attacked and cursed the family. Four demonstrators were arrested in Jerusalem, including protest activist Sadi Ben Sheetrit, who caused a stir this week when he compared Netanyahu to Hitler. Another demonstrator, a grandmother of four, was arrested using force and subsequently needed medical treatment.
In addition to the demonstration in Caesarea, a series of demonstrations and protest events are being held tonight in several centers, this is the 23rd week in a row. In front of the Prime Minister's residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem, there is a weekly respite, and another protest event was held in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. Earlier, hundreds of people demonstrated, as every week, at intersections and interchanges all over the country.
An unusual incident occurred during a demonstration in Jerusalem, when police tried to arrest Ruth Zuckerman, a veteran demonstrator in protest and grandmother of four. She was arrested while using force, and needed medical attention following the arrest attempt. In the documentation of the incident, Zuckerman is seen lying on the floor surrounded by police and fighting them, while at the same time protesters plead with them: "She is an older woman."
During a demonstration in Jerusalem, protest activist Sadi Ben Sheetrit, who received widespread condemnation this week after documenting a comparison between Netanyahu and Hitler, was also detained for questioning, and caused a stir. Ben Sheetrit was detained by police on suspicion of assaulting a police officer. This, after confronting a right-wing activist who came to the protest and following the heated argument between them, the policeman tried, in civilian clothes, to separate the two.
Following the arrests in Jerusalem, the Kiryat Minster movement said: "The Jerusalem police have lost all control and turned the protesters into an enemy. "That the police officers who injured her continue to serve is a sign of disgrace to the police. Doron Yedid must not be a conspirator."
"The hatred that Netanyahu is spreading is a cernobile fallout that will take us generations to clean up," said Adv. Eliad Shraga, chairman of the Movement for Quality of Government, who attended the event in Caesarea. "This week we crossed another red line that harmed the sanctity of Israeli society and we came here to strengthen the Farkash family." According to Adv. Shraga, "Incitement permeates from above and tears Israeli society to pieces. We will continue to demonstrate in all weathers until Netanyahu leaves. "
Orna Ashkenazi, a resident of Caesarea and a neighbor of the Farkash and Netanyahu families, spoke at the event. "I'm here for (Captain) Tom Farkash whom I knew from childhood," she said. "For him and for Roi Peles (the late Lieutenant Roi Peles) and for many who can no longer speak. I am here for them because they gave their lives so that we would live here in peace. I am here for Anat and Doron (Farkash, YA) and Dor and Hagit (Peles) and many other parents who are left with Bo in their hearts and do not deserve a spit in the face "
Likud supporters also came to the demonstration in Caesarea, some of whom passed the demonstrators in a convoy and honked at them, while police prevented them from stopping and made sure that they continued their movement. A handful of demonstrators arrived at the counter-demonstration with party flags and one sign that read "Only Bibi." They shouted at the protesters against Netanyahu, "Altalena, we have not forgotten," "Where is the red notebook," "Land you took," "Go home," "Arab maniacs," and other chants.
The "No Situation" movement, which participates in the demonstrations, states that "the events of the past week, the incident in front of the Farkash family home and the false arrests in the various demonstrations only strengthen the spirit of the demonstrators to continue demonstrating in all weathers. .
Earlier, the Movement for Quality of Government called on the public to come to Caesarea to strengthen the Farkash family, and to demonstrate against Netanyahu. "Even in the rain and cold - we will continue to demonstrate in all weathers. Until it goes," they said. "Another new low was recorded this week, when some of Netanyahu's supporters wished his neighbors in Caesarea who lost their son in the Second Lebanon War 'another one like this' and 'they think they are vaccinated.'"
The movement pointed the finger of blame at Orly Lev, a Likud activist who was previously hosted by Netanyahu and met with the Minister of Internal Security, Amir Ohana. "These weeds are multiplying and swearing in the mud under the auspices of the incitement that is permeating from above," the movement said. At the same time, tonight, convoys to Caesarea from several centers around the country will also depart from the black flags organization.
The "Black Flags" movement said ahead of the demonstrations that "the knowledge that the Netanyahu family is allegedly involved in organizing a demonstration against bereaved families is a huge shame, which should shock every home in Israel." The movement added that "the Farkash family has lost their son in defense of the homeland, we all the sons and daughters of Beit Yisrael owe them a huge debt." The movement said that the demonstrators come "to be ashamed and apologize on behalf of the entire State of Israel, and also to do everything to evict the person responsible for the establishment of Israeli society from the prime minister's house."
According to protesters, Netanyahu's supporters threw stones at a car belonging to protesters carrying black flags in the city of Shlomi, and smashed the windshield. On behalf of the demonstrators, it was stated that "another week in which the Netanyahu family's incitement leads to violence on the ground. Netanyahu is doing everything to bring about a civil war - we will not give in to it."
The "Black Flags" organization then stated that "the Netanyahu police in action, allows the severe violence against the demonstrators and protects the attackers. This is a new record of shame for the Israeli police. We intend to apply to the court in the coming days The corrupt. "
Another convoy of vehicles under the headline "Convoy of Hope to Caesarea" arrives from Tel Aviv, calling on Likud protesters "We are brothers, enough hatred for factions and incitement." On the other hand, a procession of Netanyahu supporters will march under the title "Caravan of Justice" from Magen Shmuel to Caesarea, chanting "Netanyahu will never go alone."
The demonstrators are protesting against Netanyahu's continued tenure at the same time as being charged with crimes, claiming, among other things, that he cannot separate his personal and legal good from his political decisions. The prime minister is charged with three counts.



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