protests took place in the main demonstrations against P.M Netanyahu, for the 22nd week in a row


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Nov 14, 2020

Saturday evening, protests took place in the main demonstrations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for the 22nd week in a row. More than a thousand demonstrators gathered in Jerusalem with flags and signs outside Netanyahu's official residence. This is despite the fact that the President of the United States is changing, the demonstrators are expressing their desire to replace Prime Minister Netanyahu and not at the polls as his supporters insist.
At 20:00, a protest gathered outside his private home in Caesarea, and at the same time a march is taking place from Habima Square in Tel Aviv. About 400 demonstrators gathered in Rabin Square during a demonstration by the Movement for the Quality of Government demanding the opening of a commission of inquiry into the submarine affair, where Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin and chairman of the movement Eliad Shraga will also speak.
Unusually, the Likud issued a press release in response to demonstrations across the country, saying that "After backing most of the citizens of Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu brought three peace agreements, brings millions of vaccines and maintains Israel's high credit rating. Apparently the corona virus will be vaccinated, the question is when will the vaccine be found for the "just not Bibi" virus.
In response, Lapid said that "Netanyahu's criticism of me was intended to divert attention from the embarrassment caused by his press conference. Netanyahu tried to boast that 32 countries were ahead of us in ordering Pfizer's vaccine and would accept it before us. This is further proof of his complete failure to treat the plague."
At the Morasha junction near Ramat Hasharon, a stone was thrown at demonstrators waiting for a convoy coming from the north. The stone hit one of the cars and shattered the rear window while the car owner was sitting inside.
The driver, Vered Tseng from Raanana, said she heard a "strong blow", and when she got out of the vehicle she realized that her vehicle had been hit. "I was not afraid, but it worries me that it is very easy to hurt people. Someone came prepared in advance with a stone. It is very unfortunate." Also on Road 4, between Tirat Carmel and Atlit, the demonstrators reported an activist who was at the intersection and was hit by a canister that was thrown at him and hit him in the head. Outside Kibbutz HaGoshrim, a motorcyclist stopped near a group of protesters and slammed them: "If they put you in Gaza for a minute or in Lebanon, they will destroy you, you traitors."
Police said that many forces are deployed Square in Paris ahead of the demonstration. Ben Maimon, Gaza, Agron, King George and Keren Hayesod streets were closed to traffic. "Police functions allow protests to all the protesters, but will not allow any violation of public order act determinedly against any attempt to disrupt public order", said the police and mentioned that after 21:30 will not be possible to make noise with an air horn, drums and percussion, and after a time 23:00 The use of ankle boots and speakers will also be banned.
Earlier in the day, about 200 protesters marched on Route 1 with submarine exhibits. Police confiscated a model of an inflatable submarine, and arrested 18 protesters, claiming the march was not approved. According to the caravan organizers, 23 people were arrested.
"The demonstrators started the procession while risking their lives and the lives of road users, disobeying police orders and some even confronting them," police said, adding: Obey the police instructions. " Most of the marchers were stopped in the area of ​​Beit Zayit, and after severe disruptions of traffic in the area of ​​the road it opened a few hours later.
Arrests are also expected at a demonstration in Jerusalem and it is hoped that police violence will be within reasonable range this time.



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