Biden is very close to 270 electors who will give him the presidency - Trump will fight in court


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Nov 4, 2020

Biden is very close to 270 electors who will give him - at least by law - the presidency of the United States, but the two camps are gaining momentum in public opinion in the shadow of the assessment that the battle for the winner's identity could drag on to the courts and last for weeks. It's a speech to the American nation from his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, while President Donald Trump's campaigners are holding a press conference in Philadelphia, where they have come to fight the vote count in the state of Pennsylvania, which could decide the election.
Shortly after arriving there, the campaign manager announced that the campaign was announcing Trump's victory in Pennsylvania, although many more votes remained to be counted, and it is highly likely that most of them are Democrats.
On Wednesday night, Biden was declared the winner in Wisconsin, bringing him to a 214-248 lead in the electorate. On top of that he continues to lead by a small margin in Michigan and Nevada, where the count is coming to an end. If he wins both, he will reach the 270 electors needed to win the presidency. The Biden camp believes it will reach the missing electors by this morning and be declared the next president of the United States.
But Trump's campaign is already signaling that announcing Biden's victory will not be the end of the story: The president's officials have announced plans to recount in Wisconsin, where Biden won 0.6 percent. If their request is approved, such a count could only begin in two weeks, and if the fate of the election depends on it, it means that the US will not know until the middle of the month who its next president will be. Of Trump - who was declared the winner in the original count - by 131 votes.
In addition, the Trump campaign announced that he had petitioned to stop the count in Michigan, where Biden leads by 0.7% after counting 94% of the vote, and in Pennsylvania, where Trump led for hours, counting votes from the polls, but in recent hours, when many Democratic votes are counted. More, probably from the mail, Biden narrows the gap. The New York Times estimates that he is on his way to take the lead.
Trump himself issued statements tonight stating that the election is being stolen from him right now, and that in states across the United States, democratic voices are counting "popping up" out of nowhere to present the victory to Biden. Everywhere - in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. So bad for our state! ". He further claimed:" They are working hard to make a 500,000 vote advantage in Pennsylvania disappear as soon as possible! It's the same in Michigan and elsewhere. "
Trump, it is important to explain, takes advantage of the fact that in some U.S. states the votes that come in the mail are counted only after the votes that come in from the polls: most voters in the mail are Democrats while most voters in the polls are Republicans. With an early and misleading advantage, and then, when the votes were counted from the post office, Biden caused a reversal as expected.
Trump, it will be recalled, won over the past night a string of impressive victories in key states, including Florida, Texas, Ohio and Iowa, and in other "swinging" states he was able to force Biden a much closer battle than the polls predicted; But Biden himself has so far managed to keep all the states in which Hillary Clinton won in 2016, and according to the Fox network and the AP news agency also bring about a revolution in Arizona, a country where only one Democratic candidate has won in the last 76 years.
Towards the end of the count, Biden leads by 0.7% in Michigan (which distributes 16 electors), and he leads by 0.6% in Nevada (6), where the count stopped and will resume tonight. Victories in which will bring him as stated to the 270 electors needed to win the battle for the entire White House. In the U.S. voter turnout, Biden is more than 2.5 million votes ahead of Trump, but in the U.S. election the winner is the candidate who garnered more voters, not the one who won the most votes.
Even if Biden is declared the winner in the next few hours by the television networks, as it appears that in many countries he is winning by a small margin, it is quite possible that Trump will decide to continue fighting and dragging the White House battle to the Supreme Court, where there are now 6 conservative judges. 3 of them appointed by Trump himself) versus 3 liberals. In such a case, Trump will hope that even a disqualification of some of the votes from the post on various and strange grounds could offset Biden's small gap in those countries where the battle is close, and bring him, Trump, their electors - and another term as president.



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