Thousands demonstrated Saturday night in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv, in the 19th week of protest


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Oct 31, 2020

Thousands demonstrated Saturday night in Jerusalem and hundreds more protested in Tel Aviv, in the 19th week of a protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In Jerusalem, demonstrators clashed with police and blocked light rail traffic. One protester was arrested. The demonstrations were held this time to mark the 25th anniversary of the assassination of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.
About 6,000 activists demonstrated in Balfour at the end of a march from Zion Square. At a protest rally in the square, protesters chanted "We will overthrow the government, prosperity and security" and "One bloc, together we will win." About 300 protesters then left Balfour in the direction of Zion Square and blocked light rail traffic. Several protesters clashed with police and one protester was arrested. On Safed Street in the Nachlaot neighborhood, one of the residents spat at the demonstrators who passed under the balcony of his house and poured a bucket of water on them.
In Tel Aviv, about a thousand people demonstrated in Rabin Square at a rally of the Movement for Quality of Government. About 100 more demonstrators gathered in Habima Square and left for Rabin Square. 400 demonstrators continued their march towards the north of the city, accompanied by police. In contrast to recent weeks, the focus of demonstrations in Tel Aviv has been greatly reduced, in part because many, including youth organizations, have staged a demonstration in Jerusalem.
In Ramat Gan, a demonstrator was sprayed with tear gas by a scooter rider at the intersection of Ben Gurion Street and Jerusalem Boulevard. He was lightly injured and received medical treatment on the spot. In another case in the city, at the intersection of Aluf Sadeh and Jordan, a can was thrown at protesters. There were no casualties. In Eilat, police arrested a man on suspicion of throwing an egg at protesters. The suspect was taken in for questioning.
"We were standing motionless, there were four of us, and then some teenagers with hoodies went over an electric scooter and spray-painted it on him," said Shelly, Gabi's partner, the protester who was hit in the face by tear gas. "I saw a cloud of spray but it hit him directly in the face. They covered themselves really well so we could not identify them. We demonstrated for a long time at this junction and we were a bit scared but we hoped the police at the junction would deter them."
Recently, several violent incidents have taken place at the same intersection in Ramat Gan, almost every week. Last Thursday, a man attacked one of the demonstrators and about two weeks ago, a couple was sprayed with tear gas. The couple's attackers were not stopped. Demonstrators at the junction appealed to police to increase security at the scene. Tonight police officers were standing nearby but were unable to stop the sprayer. The police have opened an investigation into the case.
Actress Rivka Michaeli said in Rabin Square: "Here the prime minister was assassinated and with him hope was assassinated. I connect to Rabin's legacy, unlike you, Minister Orly Levy Abacis, the legacy of a murdered leader. I am here because the past never dies. I am here because a quarter of a century ago we were orphaned." .
Maj. Gen. (Res.) Amos Malka said in a protest in Rabin Square that "the agreement with the Emirates is an excellent agreement and so are the other countries that will arrive. But in this agreement there was a hint of a gold-plated ladder for Netanyahu for annexation."
At 9:30 p.m., police announced to Balfour protesters to stop using whistles and horns. Actress and comedian Orna Banai also attended the demonstration in the capital. "Isaac, there is not a day that we do not miss you. What a miss. How they murdered and inherited. 25 years and the same man is still on the porch. He never got off it," Banai said. "Shisui, division and incitement are his life's work. The approach is also part of the incitement. On the anniversary of Rabin Bibi's assassination, he chose to talk about himself and make up murder threats against him and his family in order to shed the blood of the demonstrators."
As every week, the protests began at 5pm with demonstrations on the bridges and intersections of “black flags” activists across the country. Various protest movements have claimed in the past week that tonight's demonstration in Balfour is expected to be one of the largest seen. At around 16:00, a group of activists marching with a model of a submarine near the Ein Hemed interchange on Road 1 was detained by the police after they did not coordinate it in advance. Two of the activists were detained for questioning.
Ahead of the march in Jerusalem, the police blocked traffic on Ben Maimon, Gaza, Paris Square, Agron, King George and Keren Hayesod streets. Police confirmed the march.
Prior to the march, boys vandalizing a stand of the Peace Now movement in Zion Square were documented. A complaint was filed with the police, who detained two suspects in the vandalism. "Peace Now reports that this is a" direct continuation of the incitement from Balfour against demonstrators and opponents of Netanyahu. It seems that even 25 years after the assassination, nothing has changed. The incitement is the same incitement and incites him. "



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