Despite the law restricting demonstration protests against Netanyahu continue across the country


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Oct 1, 2020

Even on the night between Thursday and Friday, despite the law restricting demonstrations, protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continue across the country. More than a thousand people are demonstrating in Tel Aviv. They marched at the end of the protest in Dizengoff and Habima squares. Police said it was an illegal move and 12 were arrested. At one point, a car driver ran over one of the brains and fled the scene. The wounded woman was treated by MDA. Police blocked the protesters on the street George Eliot.
The vehicle that hit the demonstrator in Tel Aviv first stopped near the protesters - and suddenly accelerated and hit two women. One of them, as mentioned, was injured. Then the driver started on the run while driving wildly and crossed an intersection at a red light. The demonstrator ran over: "This is a murder attempt. I was run over on purpose. "
Shortly afterwards, another driver was arrested who was initially suspected of being the rapist - but police said it was not him. A police source clarified: "We know the identity of the suspect. We will bring him in for questioning tonight."
Regarding the demonstration in Tel Aviv, the Israel Police stated that "in recent hours there has been a protest during which street vehicles were blocked for traffic in the city. Follow the cops' instructions.
"The commander of the police informed the demonstrators that this was an illegal demonstration and announced that they had a reasonable time to disperse and leave the place. When the demonstrators continued the riot and did not obey the police instructions, the police started dispersing them while making arrests. So far, 12 rioters have been arrested."
MK Miki Haimovich (blue and white) also toured the demonstration after many allegations were made by protesters about blocking deputies by the police. She said: "Because of many phone calls I received, I decided to go down to the area and check the situation and make sure there are no detainees. . I found dozens of protesters who were in a certain compound on a stretch of road between two rows of policemen. I spoke to the commander of the incident and I am glad that the blockade was opened. "
The "black flags" stated regarding the stampede in Tel Aviv that "the incitement heard from the prime minister and MKs from the Likud leads to another criminal attack on the demonstrators against Netanyahu and corruption. "The time has come for the ombudsman to wake up and prosecute Mickey Zohar and the rest of the hate echoes. Let him not come to cry at funerals when demonstrators are murdered here."
The "Black Flags" also said: "In the past year, the State of Israel has undergone a process in which powers are transferred from the Knesset to the government and headed by it. The police conduct intimidation investigations and use severe violence. A criminal accused as prime minister restricts the right to demonstrate. This is a coup."
Earlier, hundreds of protesters demonstrated in Givatayim, Beer Sheva, Zichron Yaacov, Shoham, Yavne, Beer Sheva, Paran Junction, Yotvata, Kibbutz Almagor and Gesher Neurim.
The "No Situation" protest movement stated: "With the entry of the most draconian regulations enacted in Israel in front of citizens, in violation of a fundamental right until the High Court makes order in the chaos created here by the criminal defendant - we congratulate the kibbutz movement for joining the demonstrations. We call on all citizens of the country to go out and demonstrate in the most creative way possible until we correct the legal madness that has happened here and return to demonstrate in Balfour in full force. "
Demonstrations of the movement of the black flags were in a number of settlements in the center of the country, including Kfar Saba, Raanana Junction, Ramat Hasharon, Herzliya, Kochav Yair and other settlements throughout the country.



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