The protest against Prime Minister Netanyahu was held for the 12th week in a row all over Israel


by Ifi Reporter Category:Politics Sep 12, 2020

The protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wa being held in a number of centers throughout the country Saturday night, for the 12th week in a row. Earlier, civilians demonstrated on bridges across the country, and throughout the evening more protests will take place near the prime minister's residence in Jerusalem and near the Netanyahu family's home in Caesarea. This, in protest of the "government corruption", in the words of the protesters, the manner in which the Corona crisis was handled and against the background of the imminent return to closure.
In Jerusalem, thousands of demonstrators marched in a procession from the String Bridge towards Paris Square, near the Prime Minister's Residence, where the main demonstration is taking place. The police allowed the procession to take place.
The Crimean Minister said, "The people are collapsing and the accused who failed to manage the crisis is closing the country and fleeing. The accused will not be forgiven for the economic and health catastrophe as a result of political and survival considerations at public expense. We will demonstrate today and in any situation
Along with the veteran protest organizations, other independent organizations joined the demonstration in Jerusalem. The organizations threatened earlier this week that if they were not presented with a compensation outline, business owners would violate the closure the government may impose during the holidays, warning that they would join the general protest.
Advocate Roi Cohen, president of the Chamber of Independent Organizations, attacked the decision on the closure during the demonstration. "The Israeli government decides on the closure and did not say a word about compensation for the self-employed and small businesses," he said. "And to declare a compensation plan according to 'Eitan Cliff', after all, the corona is a war for everything and harms us all."
He added that "we are not breaking the law, but when business owners have to decide whether to close the business or open it, in order to make a living and bring food to the children, there is no question what their choice will be. I call on the Prime Minister and Finance Minister to declare compensation The economic danger is no less than that. "
"We have lost faith in the government, and on Saturday night we will reach Balfour to fight for rights and livelihoods," Cohen said at a conference of independent organizations in Tel Aviv this week. So far, the independent organizations have not participated in the weekly demonstrations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in front of his residence in Jerusalem.
The Association of Hall Owners and Event Gardens also called on all hall owners and vendors to join the protest. "The association has decided to call on the owners of the halls and events industry to go up to Balfour and demonstrate against the Israeli government's policy that has harmed and trampled on the celebrations event industry in Israel. There is no closure without compensation. It is time to unite, join forces and take action!"
In Caesarea, tonight the demonstrators were allowed for the first time to hold a procession on the Netanyahu family's residence street, and to reach about 200 meters from the house. This, as part of a compromise reached on the issue between the movement and the quality of government, which organizes the demonstration alongside the black and other flagmen, and the police. Accordingly, more than a thousand demonstrators gathered near the Netanyahu family home in the locality.
Former MK Eyal Ben-Reuven spoke on the spot, and attacked the prime minister. "Give a hug and go home already. Something went wrong and you lead us to the abyss. They do not want you anymore ",
Eyal Ben Reuven also referred in his remarks to the prime minister's planned trip to Washington. "You were planning to go to the United States with your dear family, literally, on an Udi plane," he said. "The media and we had to get you off this plane and your entourage members some of whom were busy in some luxury hotel to house you."
"We do not hate and will not hate those who think differently. We are here because of our love for the country and our respect for the law," Ben Reuven concluded. "Get a hug from us, and go home. We will return the country to its proper moral value place."
Actress Orna Banai also spoke on the spot, calling on Netanyahu to resign. "There is no connection between the closure that Bibi casts on us and a desire to take care of Corona. After he imposed the first closure on us, he caused thousands of businesses to collapse and hundreds of thousands to be left without a livelihood and reach a loaf of bread," Banai said. "People go out to protest against his failure and he tries to shut them down in houses! How cynical you are, Bibi, God, how shameless you are."
"You have no mandate to impose a closure on us! You have no mandate because you lost the election and kidnapped the government fraudulently!" "In the second wave. You have no mandate because all you care about is your criminal affairs and your every decision is suspicious!"



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