Netanyahu: Chief procecutor Mendelblit government's coup d'etat was revealed to its full extent


by Ifi Reporter Category:Law Jun 30, 2020

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the Mendelblit government's coup coup d'etat was revealed to its full extent. In a Facebook post, Netanyahu wrote that amazingly and shamefully, senior Justice Department officials urged him to resign as a condition that he could defend himself against the unfounded indictment that Mandelblit had violated.
The prime minister also wrote that Mandelblit is trying to overturn the democratic decision of millions of citizens who elected him to the prime minister, as well as the decision of eleven Supreme Court justices who determined he could serve in his post.
 Netanyahu wrote this in response to Mandelblit's determination that he could not get NIS 10 million from Spencer Partridge to finance his legal expenses.
Prime Minister Netanyahu's attack came several hours after his associates fled to the Attorney General.
The attorney general informed the permit committee next to the state comptroller that he opposes the financing of Netanyahu's legal expenses. Mandelblit stated that NIS 10 million in defense funding from businessman Spencer Partridge is a "gift."
A letter sent by Mandelblit's senior aide, Dr. Gil Lemon, stated that Mandelblit believes it is contrary to the gift law, and it is illegal to receive such a high rate of gift - also from authors. Mandelblit's letter was submitted following a request from the state comptroller from Mandelblit to deliver an opinion Updated on the issue, following a renewed discussion on the PM's request.
The commission announced last month that it intended to seek an opinion from Mandelblit on the matter after Partridge was included in the list of prosecution witnesses at the prime minister's trial. The committee is now expected to convene and consider its decision on the permit. The next hearing at Netanyahu's trial, which is accused of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, is scheduled for July 19.
Netanyahu added on behalf of his associates that "Mandelblit is suing the Prime Minister for unfounded charges and stitches that cost NIS 250 million to taxpayers using criminal means such as extortion of witnesses' threats. Mandelblit, in any way, is trying to prevent the prime minister's right to defend himself with private assistance That does not cost the taxpayer a penny. Once again, it is revealed that there is one law for Netanyahu and another for everyone else. This is what a political investigation looks like, ending a political indictment.
The Movement for Quality Government says in response that Prime Minister Netanyahu incites and dispels, and this time allowed Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit's blood
 The Movement for Quality Government intends to file a complaint with the Israel Police this morning and demand that it launch a criminal investigation against Benjamin Netanyahu
Opposition Chairman Yair Lapid referred to the Prime Minister's attack on the USSR, and also stymied Netanyahu's partners in government: "Anyone who continues to sit in his government after the last statement will not be able to claim afterwards" I didn't know. " Attorney General Orit Corin's spokesman said: "Red lines are crossing every day - Attacks on Attorney General must stop immediately.
Now it remains to be asked whether Benjamin Netanyahu will succeed in his struggle to shatter democratic rule in the State of Israel and lead it to the destruction of the rule of law and public order?



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