Justice Court: the authority to convene a Knesset plenum at 1600 was given to veteran Amir Peretz


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by Ifi Reporter Category:Law Mar 26, 2020

On Thursday night, the Justice Court ordered the authority to convene a Knesset plenum to Knesset veteran Amir Peretz following the resignation of resigning chairman Yuli Edelstein. The judges ruled that Peretz could convene the plenary today and conduct the hearing for the election of a permanent chairman. In the ruling, Supreme Court President Esther Hayes strongly criticized Edelstein's conduct, stating that in his refusal to comply with the High Court ruling, he struck "unprecedented violation of the rule of law." Following the ruling, the chairman of the regulating committee, MK Avi Nissenkorn (blue and white), announced today that the committee will convene to approve the plenary session to elect a new chairman. According to Nissenkorn, the committee will meet at 11:30 and the vote will be held on 16 : 00.
Animals attacked Edelstein's decision not to obey the High Court ruling and lock the plenum without holding the vote. "Never has it ever occurred to state officials that a government refused to wave and defiantly adhere to a judicial order stating that its conscience order does not allow it to uphold the verdict." She said, "The violation of his conduct in the public interest in securing the rule of law and in carrying out judgments and court orders is irrelevant." She added that "this is an incompatible state of affairs, and where it is an unprecedented violation of the rule of law, unprecedented remedies are required."
Animals warned that Edelstein's decision could lead to civilians not obeying government orders in the fight against the Corona virus. "If this is the case, why should the citizen behave otherwise? And this question resonates with the full force, especially during these difficult days when we are dealing with the outbreak of the Corona virus epidemic, and citizens are required to comply with the unprecedented provisions and restrictions imposed by, among other things, by emergency regulations ".
The judges accepted the outline proposed by Knesset Speaker Eyal Yanun, according to which Peretz will receive "defined and defined authority" by virtue of being the oldest MK to convene the plenary today and conduct the hearing to elect a permanent chairman. Peretz will be empowered to do so. This is also the case if Edelstein returns from his resignation - which takes effect tomorrow (Friday).
Minister of Transport Bezalel Smutrich attacked the High Court decision and wrote on Twitter: "The High Court invents a far-fetched verdict of his feverish mind and drunkenness of power and without leaning against any law." MK Ayelet Shaked wrote that "the High Court simply invented non-existent remedies and lowered the lawmaker's order on how to proceed. This was absent of any legal basis. As we have been taught on the left, democracy is slowly dying."
The High Court also condemned Edelstein's contempt of court for refusing to comply with his decision, but decided not to do so because of the outline that ultimately allows the ruling to be held. During the presidential debate, Knesset criticized Knesset chairman but said it could not be blamed The Court: "Absurdly, had his resignation taken effect immediately - there would have been no disgrace to the court, because he no longer had the obligation to comply. You could have walked a more elegant route, but ... well."
At the beginning of the debate, Knesset Speaker Eyal Yanun updated that he no longer represents the resigning Knesset Speaker. "I have been in front of this court for 24 years and represent the various state authorities, and I have never come into such a heavy heart," said Yinon in his remarks, "this is an unprecedented event. An unprecedented severity. The breaking of tools between the Legislature and the judiciary. The narrow gap between the Knesset and the Supreme Court for many years is a very harsh feeling that attacks me. "



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