Salary of the president, P.M, MK's and judges will jump by 15%: NIS 120 thousand for Ester Hayout


by Ifi Reporter Category:Law Dec 4, 2022

The salary of the president, prime minister, ministers, Knesset members and judges will jump at an astronomical rate of about 15%.
The meaning: according to an almost final estimate, the salary of the President of the State Yitzhak (Boji) Herzog will increase from NIS 64,673 now to NIS 74,374 starting in January, and the salary of Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu will be NIS 64,797 compared to the NIS 56,345 given in the position of Prime Minister now. The designated Speaker of the Knesset will receive the same salary as the Prime Minister.

A minister in the government, including of course the designated finance minister Bezalel Smotrich who is supposed to guard the fund, will receive a monthly salary of 58,274 shekels compared to 50,673 now, and members of the Knesset will receive 52,065 shekels per month compared to 45,274. The chairman of the opposition will receive the same salary as the ministers.
Supreme Court President Ester Hayut's salary will increase to almost NIS 120,000 a month compared to NIS 104,000 today, and the salary of all judges, which varies by position, will of course increase by 15% accordingly. The average salary of all the judges, judges and cads currently stands at about 60 thousand shekels and there are 900 employees.
The total annual cost of the increase for all the office holders listed here will be more than NIS 130 million, according to estimates, but there are hundreds more senior officials in the economy whose wages are expected to soar, including hundreds of heads of local authorities and their deputies, and hundreds of officials, ombudsmen, rabbis and heads of religious councils.
The freeze on linking the salary of office holders to the average salary in the economy, which began two years ago due to the corona epidemic, ends at the end of the month. According to the current law, the National Insurance will publish at the beginning of January the new fixed average salary for 2023 and it is expected to be about NIS 12,000 per month, compared to the average fixed salary for 2020 which was then NIS 10,400.
The calculation is done as follows: We check the average of the average wage data in the economy for Israeli workers according to the Central Bank for the months of August, September and October of 2022, which currently stand at NIS 12,229 in August, NIS 12,214 in September and an estimate of NIS 11,815 in October. Then the average is compared to the average wage in the economy The last determinant, which as mentioned was NIS 10,400 The result is an increase of about 15% and possibly even more.
Can the abnormal increase be stopped or canceled? The salary of the president, the prime minister and the ministers is determined by the finance committee of the Knesset, and it can meet and decide to continue the freezing of the linkage, or to change the linkage itself.
The salary of the members of the Knesset is to be determined by the new Knesset committee, which will be required to discuss the recommendations of the public committee headed by Prof. Yuval Albashan. Last August, the committee recommended raising the salaries of the MKs by NIS 910 net per month in exchange for cutting other budgets given to them, but as mentioned, this is now a much more dramatic increase.
It is important to note that beyond the salary of the office bearers, the minimum salary which currently stands at NIS 5,300 per month is also directly affected by the calculation of the average salary. Due to the cancellation of the package deal in the economy, according to which the minimum wage was supposed to increase in 2022 by NIS 100 per month, according to the existing law - the minimum wage will be updated in April 2023 and will be 47% of the average wage determined in January by the National Insurance.
 If the average salary to be determined will be NIS 12,000 and result in a 15% increase in the salaries of the office bearers, the minimum salary will rise to 5,630 NIS per month - an increase of about NIS 330 or about 6% in relation to the current situation.



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