Landmark Supreme Court Ruling Stalls Coup Attempt and Asserts Authority Over Fundamental Legislation


by Ifi Reporter Category:Law Jan 1, 2024

 In a significant development, the Israeli Supreme Court, with a majority of 12 judges, rejected a controversial law, signaling a resounding defeat for Binyamin Netanyahu and his allies. The ruling not only invalidated the law in question but, more importantly, affirmed the court's authority to strike down fundamental legislation enacted by the Knesset.

The law in question, perceived by many as dangerous and harmful, faced strong opposition from the majority of the panel. While eight judges explicitly rejected the law, the remaining seven judges did not endorse it, emphasizing the judiciary's power to intervene in extreme cases. This verdict is seen as a decisive blow to Netanyahu and his associates who had sought to use legislative measures to shield themselves from legal scrutiny.

The ruling is deemed a victory for the rule of law, as the court establishes a new balance of power, cautioning against any attempts by the executive branch to undermine democratic foundations. The decision reflects the court's commitment to protecting democratic principles, including free communication, judicial independence, and minority rights.

Despite the majority's stance, some minority judges refrained from disqualifying the law entirely. Their decision has sparked debate, as critics argue that it falls short of delivering a clear and resounding image of victory for the rule of law. The dissenting judges, however, maintained their position, suggesting a degree of blindness to the potential threats posed by the law to essential democratic values.

The ruling comes amid a backdrop of political turmoil, with Netanyahu facing legal challenges and accusations of attempts to dismantle the justice system. The court's decision is expected to act as a deterrent, sending a strong signal to those attempting to erode democratic institutions.

Looking ahead, the Supreme Court is set to make another crucial decision regarding the authority of the attorney general, adding to the ongoing tension between the executive and judicial branches. As the legal battles continue, the ruling is seen as a pivotal moment in the struggle to maintain the integrity of Israel's democratic foundations.



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