Justice court orderd to raise the maximum price of supervised dairy products by 3.4%


by Ifi Reporter Category:Law Mar 4, 2019

The Supreme Court accepted Tnuva's petition and instructed Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon and Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel to adopt the recommendation of the Government Prices Committee from March 2018 and raise the maximum price of supervised dairy products by 3.4 percent. According to estimates, this is an average increase of NIS 10 a month per household.
The Supreme Court justices ruled unanimously, with the State's consent, that in accordance with the Control of Prices of Goods and Services Law, the Ministers are obliged to order an amendment to the Supervision Order for supervised dairy products in accordance with the Committee's recommendation.
The court ruled that while there were plans to introduce a future reform in the dairy market that was expected to lead to a reduction in the price of raw milk, however, due to the dispersion of the Knesset and the upcoming elections, the reform did not mature and was not anchored in existing legislation.
Minister of Finance, tweeted on Twitter: "I will study the ruling and will relate to it later on." After its signature, the price increases will be approved and the prices of most products will rise by 5 - 20 agorot. The lowest increase is of an age cup with 3 percent fat - whose price will rise from NIS 1.4 to NIS 1.44. The most significant increase will apply to yellow cheese whose price will rise by NIS 1.4 per kilo.
The price of a bag of milk with 3 percent fat will rise from NIS 5 to NIS 5.17. The price of milk in cardboard will rise from NIS 5.75 to NIS 5.94 (up 19 agorot). A package of 250 grams of white cheese with 5 percent fat will rise by 15 agorot and its price will be NIS 4.75. The dairy market in Israel is planned and supervised. It is the state that determines the price of raw milk - the price that manufacturers of dairy products are obliged to pay to dairy farmers. In addition, it also determines the price at which the consumer will be sold the regulated dairy products.



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