IDF: video published by an Iranian hacker group was stolen from a security body


by Ifi Reporter Category:Law Nov 24, 2022

The military censorship allowed the publication that the video published by an Iranian hacker group called "Moses Staff", which contained additional documentation of the attack in Jerusalem, was taken from the cameras of a large security body. It is not impossible that the group stopped the activity of the cameras in order to prevent the possibility of tracing the perpetrators. However, without intending to, the distribution of the videos may indirectly help the Shin Bet and the police, in an attempt to locate the suspects, using security cameras in the more distant environment in the area of ​​the entrance to and exit from Jerusalem.
The posting on the hackers' Telegram account reads: "A dark life... you will pay for the blood that was spilled... you will not have peace and comfort in the occupied territories of Palestine... we will determine your end...". Along with the threat in question, they claimed that they formatted the hard drive of the cameras."
This is not the first time that this group claims to have hacked into Israeli systems, as only last summer it was claimed that they managed to take over the alarm systems in Jerusalem and Eilat. At the same time, they threatened to carry out more attacks. Last year they leaked details of hundreds of thousands of patients at a medical center in the center of the country.
In the meantime, efforts to track down the suspects in the attack continue, as the Shin Bet and the police are certain, given the types of charges, how they are used, and their complexity, that this is an organized cell that operated under an "engineer" who assembled the charges. Under it, according to the suspicion, two attacks took place half an hour apart hour. As mentioned, according to the suspicion, the members of the squad scanned the area before placing the charges among the bushes. The growing assessment is that the perpetrators of the attacks know Jerusalem and the area where the charges were set off, and that they gathered intelligence ahead of time. In addition, they prepared escape routes, and incited among the residents in a way that would not arouse suspicion, in order to carry out the attacks.
From the tests carried out, it appears that the device that exploded in Givat Shaul was activated remotely, using a mobile phone, while the other device was activated manually, possibly using a timer that was activated in advance. The charges contained hard bolts in order to intensify the damage and impact. The security establishment believes that they will be able to get their hands on the perpetrators of the attack and the members of the squad. This move is estimated to take longer. The security forces are wondering how, despite the general intelligence information about the intentions to carry out attacks both in the aforementioned style and by kidnapping civilians and soldiers or shooting incidents, the same squad was able to carry out the attacks in the bloodiest places in the heart of Jerusalem, and this under In the scrutinizing eyes of the Shin Bet and the police. As the investigation progresses, the whole picture will become clearer, and now both the police and the Shin Bet are busy, apart from investigating the incident and analyzing the moves of the squad, also in thwarting future attacks in light of the wave of warnings that has not stopped in recent months, and has been increasing in recent days.



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