The number of kindergartens closed following the outbreak of corona doubled in a week


by Ifi Reporter Category:Law Mar 3, 2021

The number of kindergartens closed following the outbreak of corona doubled in a week - according to data from the Ministry of Health today (Wednesday). As of yesterday, 471 genes are closed compared to 203 a week earlier.
According to the data, more than half of the cases (52%) originate in the education system, compared with 48% of the rest of the population. One example of the spread of the virus was in a kindergarten in Ramat Gan, where an unvaccinated assistant infected two kindergarten teachers and 16 children.

The data are published four days before returning to school by seventh- through tenth-grade students in green, yellow, and borderline orange cities. In addition, on Sunday the special education system will return to a full school day.
Earlier this week, the Ministry of Education updated that only two-thirds of teaching staff had been vaccinated or recovered from the virus. The ministry estimated, based on the vaccine data published by the Ministry of Health on the general public, that in addition to the teaching staff who were vaccinated in the first dose, the figure has risen to about 80% since the operation began in late December.

Corona Cabinet decided on Tuesday to significantly reduce the activities of the Exceptions Committee - and to limit its activities to those leaving Israel who are not vaccinated by just two servings. An Israeli whose resilience can leave the country freely.
The ministers also discussed ways to increase supervision of the insulators in homes, and among other things, hundreds of state inspectors will be assigned to the police - and the "summoning" will be used, which will allow the police to receive locations from the insulators by SMS. According to the decision, flights will meanwhile only be operated from the United States, Germany, Paris and Kiev - and to the same destinations. Later the list is expected to expand.
Following the cabinet's decision, the exceptions committee will be abolished and any Israeli citizen abroad will be able to return to Israel if he wishes - subject to a limit of up to 3,000 entrants daily. Transport Minister Miri Regev initially wanted 7,000 people to enter daily, For testing and the density that would lead to adhesions she dropped the offer.
Vaccines who enter the country will be exempt from isolation subject to a corona test at the entrance. Unvaccinated people will be charged for home isolation with electronic means of surveillance (surveillance handcuffs or surveillance app) and anyone who refuses to do so will be required to stay in isolation in a motel. Anyone who wants to leave the country or return to it will be required to undergo a corona test - both vaccinated and recovering.
The head of the public health services, Dr. Sharon Elrai Price, warned at the hearing against the unsafe opening of Ben Gurion Airport: "We see many mutations outside, not just from New York. We must see that the people who enter will not only be under police enforcement, "We ourselves within a month of catastrophe and we are asked how we brought people here with mutations. In such a situation, the vaccines may go to waste, we must be careful."
The corona projector, Prof. Nachman Ash, referred to the proposed outline and said that it did not adequately address the risk of people entering Israel. He also suggested that until after Pesach there would be no departures from Israel for holiday purposes.
At the same time as Elrei Price, the Ministry of Health issued a statement according to which three patients with the mutation from New York were located in Israel - all members of one family. In addition, two cases originating in Africa and found in England, the United States, Nigeria and Jordan have been identified. According to Elrai Price, a mutation from the Netherlands also entered Israel. Deputy Chief of Staff Eitan Ben-David said that "if you want to bring Israelis home, there is a price. If you don't want to, there is a price for that too. "
Simultaneously with the opening of Ben Gurion Airport, the Corona Cabinet decided to closely monitor returns from countries where corona mutations spread, so that the police will receive a report on them and monitor them closely. Examine the police's proposal to double the fine for violators of home insulation from NIS 5,000 to NIS 10,000.
In addition, a decision was made that in addition to the electronic bracelets, from Sunday the police will use the "summon" - an SMS message sent to the insulator with a link he will have to click on, then it will accept its location and can see that it fulfills the insulation obligation. According to police, the text messages will be sent to insulators who agree to it - and the plan is to send 20,000 text messages a day in total. Police also said it would visit 3,000 isolates daily at the behest of the Ministry of Health.
Deputy Health Minister Yoav Kish said 50 electronic bracelets were distributed to the isolators and another 50 will be distributed tomorrow. On Sunday, he said, the state could distribute 4,000 such bracelets. After Kish said that it was difficult to produce tens of thousands of tracking bracelets, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu replied: "What's the problem, do Google and find solutions. That's how we found the super tanker on fire in Carmel."
The Exceptions Committee has been active since the closing of the skies on January 26 and determined who can leave the country and who can return to it. The inter-ministerial committee set up in the Ministry of Transportation managed to transfer to the responsibility of the Ministry of Energy headed by Minister Steinitz, from there to the Ministry of Regional Cooperation of Minister Akunis - and then back to Minister Regev's office.



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