Thousands Protested against Netanyahu all over Israel - in Jerusalem 5 demonstrators were arrested


by Ifi Reporter Category:Law Sep 26, 2020

Jerusalem police dispersed thousands of protesters in Paris Square last night. Thousands came to Jerusalem to demonstrate against the prime minister under the auspices of the non-approval of the Corona Law which was supposed to limit the number of protesters. Thousands came to Paris Square and most maintained regulations that included wearing masks and keeping distance. The Crimean Ministerial Movement said that at a quarter to ten the police violated, without prior notice, the Supreme Court ruling and violently dismantled the public address system. During decomposition protesters hit police made false arrests and violent.
The police said in response that contrary to what was alleged, during the demonstration the police often put on a mask and kept their distance, and from nine and a half a poster on the issue of limiting noise in accordance with the Supreme Court decision. After some protesters chose not to comply with police regulations and instructions, police were forced to carry out enforcement that included recording reports of violators and confiscating the amplification system and noise tools used to carry out the violations.
Police arrested five protesters because of disturbing a policeman and assaulting a police officer. Demonstrations against the prime minister were also near his residence in Caesarea, in cities, at intersections and bridges across the country.

Saturday evening, the big protest against Prime Minister Netanyahu began at 7:30 p.m. Demonstrators went to protest in Paris Square in Jerusalem and near Netanyahu's house in Caesarea. Protest organizations that convoys of cars will leave from several hotspots across the country. They will join "a huge convoy of over 3,000 vehicles on Highway 1 in the Latrun area - and from there to Balfour." However, the "Black Flags" organization announced that in view of the disease and closure situation - they do not intend to reach Balfour, but they protested at intersections, on the sides of roads and on bridges around the country.
Demonstrators from the "Prime Minister", "No Situation", "Come of Israel", "Pink Front", "Culture Shock", "We Woke Up" and "Democrats" marched in front of the prime minister's residence in Jerusalem and near his home in Caesarea. According to the organizers of the protest, thousands of cars left - from Metula to Eilat - on their way to Balfour Street in Jerusalem and Caesarea. Protest groups said "Bibi is to blame for the corona's failure and is destroying democracy." We will demonstrate against him in Balfour until he leaves. "
One of the convoys that left Modiin on its way to the demonstration encountered, according to the organizers, a police checkpoint that prevented it from continuing on its way, claiming that it was not possible to demonstrate more than a kilometer from the place of residence. Police were also told that the right to demonstrate was allowed beyond a kilometer - and the convoy continued on its way.
Police also closed two lanes on Route 1 and left one lane for vehicular passage. In addition, checkpoints were set up near Abu Ghosh. The Crimean Minister movement reported that one of the protesters was fined this morning for going out to demonstrate "too soon".
Already last night, the "black flags" advised the demonstrators to protest at a distance of no more than a kilometer from their place of residence so as not to violate the closure instructions. The black flags said as early as last night that they advise protesters to demonstrate at a distance not exceeding one kilometer from their place of residence, so as not to violate the closure guidelines. The organization reported that the number of protesters in bridges, intersections and squares is the largest since the bridge and intersection protest began 14 weeks ago. In their estimation, there are tens of thousands across the country. Also, according to the "black flags", "at 20:00 thousands of citizens will go out on the balconies and whistle contempt for Netanyahu."
The "Black Flags" added: "The defendant's conduct in recent days has proven that Netanyahu is not interested in the citizens and citizenship. He is preoccupied with himself, escaping the law and demonstrations. He is more busy washing clothes in Washington than the health of the people of Israel. Citizens will no longer accept Netanyahu as prime minister. We will demonstrate against him in every neighborhood, in every city, in convoys and on the balconies. His time is up. "
From the organizations "Prime Minister", "There is no situation", "Come Israel", "The Pink Front" and "Democrats" said in preparation for the demonstration: The corona failure is the failure of the Yom Kippur War 2020, which casts a social, health and economic catastrophe on Israel. Only Netanyahu is to blame and he is now trying to eliminate democracy. He is obsessed with demonstrations in Balfour because they expose the lies he is trying to hide and the fact that he has abandoned the citizens of Israel. Tonight's dem. 



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