Knesset is restoring the use of cellular surveillance in light of the increase in Corona infections


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health Jun 24, 2020

The Knesset plenary (Wednesday) first read the General Security Service (GSS) bill to fight the spread of the Corona virus. 45 Knesset members supported, while 32 objected. And committed in isolation.
The bill proposes to enshrine in the primary legislation, as an hourly order, the service's authority to help the national effort to reduce the spread of the new corona virus. It is proposed to state in the bill the conditions for exercising the authority of the service and the specific actions that the service will be authorized to carry out. In the meantime, it will be stipulated that a condition for exercising the powers vested in the service by virtue of the proposed law is a declaration by the government of the need for assistance with the service, to be adapted to the situation at the time and to provide appropriate alternatives in relation to the public's risk of illness.
The bill was passed on first reading despite the opposition of GSS chief Nadav Argman. Argaman expressed opposition to the use of GSS technology for civilian needs, and especially to his disclosure to the extent that the hospitals are promoted in primary legislation.
Opposition Knesset members criticized the promotion of the proposal. MK Eli Avidar from Israel Betano argued that "Netanyahu has become a dictator, no less." Because that's what happens when you get used to a house in Balfour and you don't want to leave. "
MK Hiba Yazbak from the joint list said that "they want to penetrate individual life into civilian life and its austerity on behalf of the Corona. This exception is not, this is the ongoing policy that we have known for decades, it is the policy of continuing political identity that we have been warning about for years. "
Minister Yuval Steinitz presented the proposal on behalf of the government, saying: "Anyone who attempts to deny the threat of the epidemic and the risk of the epidemic is nothing but a charlatan.
The amendments to the bill that required blue-and-white people will be introduced into the bill in discussions that are currently underway in the Knesset, before its approval for a second and third reading.
The promotion of the law was approved today by the government following an urgent meeting convened by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the aim of restoring the use of cellular surveillance in light of the increase in morbidity recorded in recent days. On Monday, the Corona Cabinet debated the resumption, which was approved by the Legislative Committee last week, and decided to postpone the decision to the government.
Meanwhile, on Wednesday evening, the extent of the closure was reduced in the city of Tiberias. Only three blocks - Shefa Chaim, David Elazar and Zalman Shazar. The municipality of Tiberias announced that the government's decision was effective immediately.
According to a statement from the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Health yesterday, the decision on a restricted area was made in light of an increase in morbidity data throughout the country and in cities and neighborhoods in particular. In Tiberias, it says, there are 60 active patients, the rate of active patients per 100,000 people is 133.5 and the rate of increase in morbidity on the basis of active patients in the last seven days is 122.2%.
 According to the Ministry of Health's reports, which are communicated to the media and the public several times a day, the rate of immigration is much lower.
The situation is similar in Elad as well. Elad has 83 active patients, the number of active patients per 100,000 people is 174.6, and according to the announcement last night the rate of increase in morbidity on the basis of active patients in the last seven days is 102.4%. But a review of the reports shows that last week there were 45 active patients - and therefore a lower rate of immigration - 84%.
Both in Tiberias and Elad resented the closure imposed, claiming that the figures were wrong. The head of the Tiberias Commission, Shimon (Mooney) Ma'atok, contacted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and called on him to abolish the restrictions imposed on five neighborhoods in the city. In the letter, he presented up-to-date data on the number of actual patients in the city, stating that an absolute majority of patients are concentrated on three blocks of the city.
As a result, the closure was reduced. Ma'atok said: "I am delighted that the Israeli government has accepted my request to reduce the restricted area to the three relevant streets. .
The Elad municipality claimed that the actual morbidity figures are lower than those published. City officials said that "the actual number of patients is lower than the official figures, out of 17 new patients in the past 12 of them are one family member. Tonight, Mayor Elad Israel Reshush decided to file a petition in Hula and request an interim injunction to the High Court against imposing restrictions on the city.



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