israel stormy weather: A 27-year-old was found unconscious on after drifting in a stream


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health Dec 26, 2019

The heavy rains that have been falling for more than a day across the country bring great blessing and tens of millimeters have fallen mainly in the north of the country. With this there are many glitches and accidents.
A 27-year-old man was found unconscious on Thursday afternoon after drifting in a stream in the Wadi Selma area near Carmiel. MDA paramedics and paramedics perform CPR operations there. Rescue teams were called to the scene immediately when MDA Call Center 101 was reported missing. At the same time, searches for a 14-year-old boy who went missing in the Yarqa area continue after an ATV on which a vehicle was carried in the current. A 23-year-old young man with whom he was able to get out
Scuba divers, fire fighters and police were called to look for the boy who was being swept away by an ATV in the "Ein Yafem" area between the Yarqa and Jat communities in northern Israel. It is still unclear his condition and rescue forces are at the scene. Firefighters and Rescue in Coast District said: "Firefighting and rescue forces are currently working with the assistance of Special Rescue Unit fighters, a flame unit and divers, to locate a boy who wanted to cross the spring with his friend at the ATV, when the member was located and the other boy has not yet. Strong in the area. " The ATV was taken out of the water, but the missing was not located at this time. The Commander of Acre Station opened a HFC on the spot and a holiday police helicopter in an attempt to assist forces on the ground.
Local council commander Ziad Saif said the ATV entered the water about a mile east of the bridge to which it drifted. "The older boy managed to extract himself. The missing person - who is his relative - was swept away. Another relative said he still managed to get hold of him, but the current was too strong and he dropped his grip. We don't know if it's stuck under the bridge or is drifting further downstream. "
The stormy weather had earlier caused unorthodox damage: a freighter was being swept to a pine beach this morning in Ashdod. The "Zelek Star" freighter carrying cement and drifting to the Ashdod coast carries the Panama flag. It was built in 2005. It is 90 meters long and 14 meters wide. The ship can carry a maximum weight of up to 4,500 tons. While waiting to enter the port - lost control. It was found by Ashdod municipal environmental workers who were on a morning tour.
The Ministry of Environmental Protection said the ship was on shore, adjacent to the southern side of the port. Ashdod Port and the Shipping and Ports Authority manage the event and rescue the crew, while ensuring their safety. The office's supervisors are in the area, near the ship, and at this stage no oil and coastal oil leak was detected.
Yesterday, the port of Haifa closed to ships due to the height of the waves. Before closing, the port put into shelter four cargo ships bound in the western platform. Along the coast there may be wind gusts of up to 90-80 km / h and the sea will be agitated. The height of the waves will range from four to six meters. Tomorrow gusts of up to 60 km / h will be expected and the sea will be raging. The height of the waves will range from three meters to five meters.



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