Corona morbidity rises and coefficient of infection climbed to 1.28 - No restrictions are planed


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health Jun 9, 2022

Following the rise in corona morbidity, and after health ministry experts recommended  Wednesday return and wear masks indoors and in gatherings, Corona projector Prof. Salman Zarka said today that the rise in morbidity "worries senior Ministry of Health officials". He recommended to "be careful and put on a mask indoors", but clarified that "Israel will not obligate the public to regulations and restrictions. "
In an interview with prof. Zarka the project manager referred to the increase in morbidity and said that "we are monitoring it and conducting situation assessments. As the increase continues, we will probably not avoid calling it a sixth wave. It is right to be careful, certainly with populations at risk, and to put on masks in enclosed spaces. "
"This variant has a relatively high rate of infection, similar to Omicron. It produces a serious disease in adults and at-risk populations, but less so in young people," he said. Zarqa called on the public to be careful and said that "when you enter the supermarket, board a flight or a bus - put a mask on your face." He clarified that "yesterday we held a situation assessment with the prime minister. We are in one message - we want the public to protect itself, especially at-risk populations, but we are not in a place of making regulations and restricting people." Zarqa believes that "after five waves, the citizens of Israel are back
Regarding the cancellation of the tests at the entrance to Ben Gurion Airport, the project manager said that "it is not right to impose tests on the entire public. There is currently no virus in the world that threatens us. If, God forbid, a variant like the Delta appears, which harms people of all ages and produces serious illness, we are able to retire the tests at Ben Gurion Airport and at all the crossings. "
Regarding the fifth vaccine, Zarqa clarified that "at the moment there is no reason to give a fifth dose of vaccine to people who received four. Even a person who received three doses is vaccinated as long as he does not get sick." However, he clarified: "We still recommend populations at risk to receive four doses. For adults who received three doses and did not receive a fourth dose, we recommend receiving an additional dose." I trust the public. "
Meanwhile, the upward trend in the number of verified is maintained, and even yesterday over 4,000 people were diagnosed with corona - and at the same time the infection coefficient has jumped and currently stands at 1.28. This is according to data from the Ministry of Health published this morning. According to the data, 4,674 people were found positive for the virus yesterday, after 4,761 were diagnosed on Tuesday - the highest figure since 19 April. On the other hand, the number of patients in critical condition has actually decreased, and now 88 people are hospitalized with or due to corona complications, compared to 103 on Tuesday. According to the data, hospitals do not report an abnormal or significant increase in the number of patients.
Following a discussion held by Health Ministry experts yesterday, team members of the epidemic treatment team recommended returning to masks indoors and in gatherings, but stressed that a fifth vaccine against the virus is not needed for the time being. The Ministry of Health said that the issue would still come up for discussion in light of the disease, but experts stress that the fourth dose should be completed beforehand among the population who have not yet received it.



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