Dor Alon which owns the AM:PM has launched a new supermarket chain: Extra Market


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health May 11, 2022

The Dor Alon Group, which owns the AM: PM and Alonit mini-markets, has launched a new supermarket chain called Extra Market in the TLV mall in Tel Aviv. The chain places emphasis on pastries, meat and fresh fish, and this is an urban chain, but the group insists that the prices are fair.
"We are not an expensive chain. This is not the concept, this is not the goal," the group's CEO Oded Golan told Ynet. "We have 12,000 numbers. We are not open 24/7 like AM: PM, and we are cheaper in my opinion than Shufersal Deal, and certainly good taste and mega in the city.
"By the end of the year we will open three branches, and then we will open at a faster pace. The goal is to bring the fresh world to the store. There is a bakery here where everything is baked on site, including gluten-free pastries. We brought kosher cheeses from all over the world and we add more cheeses. Meat from all the slaughterhouses, and meat imported from abroad. We sell fresh fish, which is almost non-existent in chains within Tel Aviv. We have increased the variety of items on the shelf much compared to AM: PM. For example, "there are six different jam suppliers here."
According to him, the branches in the network will be large: "AM: PM branches cover an area of ​​400-300 square meters, usually, here we are 750 square meters, with plans to double to 1,500 square meters. "1,500 families live here above the mall, and more apartments are being built here, so there is a crowd."
Online prices are often high, as expected, and sometimes surprisingly good. For example, fresh minced meat is sold here for NIS 59 per kg and on sale 2 for NIS 100, a relatively high price for the market. Tomatoes are sold for NIS 7.90 per kg. This is a price that is not very high for an urban chain, and is similar to my Shufersal prices, while on the other hand, Super Yoda sells for NIS 14.90 per kilogram and Rami Levy on sale at 80 ag per kilogram.
Nectarines are sold here expensively: at NIS 39 per kilogram, when the price has already dropped to NIS 19 per kilogram in some chains. Fresh salmon fillets are sold online at NIS 135 per kg, a high price but not one of the highest: the price in the chains ranges from NIS 199 per kg in AM: PM to NIS 59.90 per kg happily ever after.
Yulo milk delicacy, which is sold at Mega in the city for NIS 5.90, is sold here for NIS 4.50 - a good price for an urban chain. A package of Tevol broccoli schnitzel is sold here for NIS 24.90, a relatively low price, similar to Rami Levy on the Internet.
Yachin's vegetable pasta bolognese sauce is sold online for NIS 4.80, while in many chains the item is sold for NIS 4.90. At King Store, it sold for NIS 6.90 and at Rami Levy for NIS 3.36 on sale. Butter 200 grams is sold here for NIS 12.90, and AM: PM for NIS 14.90. On the other hand, a taste request is sold for NIS 10.90.



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